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10 Reasons To Visit Hong Kong In 2018, The Sophisticated Fusion Of East And West

What better city to visit in the eastern part of the world than Hong Kong, the cultural hub of South Asia. Forming the perfect blend of traditional and modern culture, you get the best of both worlds in this city that never sleeps. Apart from the skyscrapers and the delicious food, there are many more reasons to visit Hong Kong. The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the months of September to February if you’re planning a vacation.

Thinking why you should be heading to Hong Kong? We’ve got the 10 best reasons why Hong Kong should be your next big holiday destination:

1. It’s the city of skyscrapers

Hong Kong landscape

Forget the skylines of New York, and make way for Hong Kong, the best place to admire the beautiful skyscrapers, be it day or night. The feeling you get while looking at the 40 storey tall buildings is indescribable and you feel mesmerized by this city of giant buildings. From the Hong Kong Tower, you can get an entire birds eye view of Hong Kong city and that makes for what Hong Kong is best known for. This makes Hong Kong one of the best cities to visit on your next vacation.

Hong Kong & Macau Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Hong Kong and explore disney land, ocean park, wet land park, victoria’s peak and Lantau Island. Further, explore Macau tower, the Venetian resort, Senedo square and more in Macau.

2. The dimsums are irresistable

dimsums dumplings cover

If you think you’ve tasted good dimsum, you haven’t been to Hong Kong! This is a country that known their dimsum and knows how to make them well. It’s an integral part of Hong Kong’s food culture, and you cannot make a visit to Hong Kong, without trying out this Asian delicacy. Whether it’s at a fancy brunch accompanied by fried spring rolls and delicious seafood, or a small caf-, one thing assured is that the dimsum is always great!

3. It has the best parks

Disneyland in Hong Kong

The best part about traveling to Hong Kong with your family is that Hong Kong is home to the famous Disneyland Park, and the Ocean Park. At Disneyland, your child will have a blast of a time playing with their favourite Disney characters, and at Ocean Park, you get to learn about the sea animals and also get to see the adorable panda named Jia-Jia, as well as the very rare Red Panda. If you plan to visit Hong Kong in 3 days, you definitely shouldnt miss out on these parks.

4. Hong Kong boasts of amazing hiking trails

beautiful mountains, enchanting forests and pristine beaches

One of the things to know when visiting Hong Kong, is that it’s not all skyscrapers and tall buildings. Not many people are aware of the fact that the skyscrapers only occupy one-third of the territory, and the rest of Hong Kong is full of beautiful mountains, enchanting forests and pristine beaches. All these gorgeous nature places are filled with established and well organised hiking trails of all levels and difficulties. It’s a great way to work out while also still enjoy the magnitude of the beauty of this beautiful region.

5. Shopaholics will fall in love with it!

high-end shopping malls

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a mecca for shoppers, and the best place for all your shopping needs, whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones back at home as souvenirs. From high-end shopping malls with the top most brands in the market right now, or local Chinese markets selling authentic Chinese souvenirs, you’ll find an array of exquisite goodies in Hong Kong. It’s also very popular for electronics, and this is the best place to shop for all the latest electronic gadgets. If you’re visiting Hong Kong during Chinese new year, you’re in for a treat with some amazing deals and discounts.

6. Worlds most beautiful Buddhist temples are right here!

the Golden Buddha Dordenma

Temples are an integral part of Chinese culture and there are available in abundance in Hong Kong. Some of the most important temples that you need to visit are the Mon Sho Temple located in Sheung Wan, which is dedicated to the Gods of Literature and martial arts. This temple is famous not only for being a sacred place, but also for the fact that it was a law court of the Chinese people during the colonial era. Another famous temple to visit is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

7. It has a happening nightlife

sizzling nightlife scene

Another amazing reason to visit Hong Kong is because of its sizzling nightlife scene. Hong Kong people sure do know how to party and youre bound to have a great time club hopping in different parts of Hong Kong. Some of the best clubs and bars in Hong Kong are located in areas like Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, and Lan Kwai Fong. These clubs have some of the most trending local DJs playing the best popular songs and the parties go on till the break of dawn, so make sure to pack your dancing shoes when you visit Hong Kong.

8. One can be part of the most amazing festivals

traditional festivals

Being so culturally inclined and keeping their traditional roots intact, the people of Hong Kong love to celebrate traditional festivals, and these festivals take place all year round, so you might just come at the right time to visit and celebrate one of the major festivals. If youre planning on visiting Hong Kong in September, you will be able to witness the celebrations of their famous mid-autumn festival. Some of the other major festivals celebrated in Hong Kong are Chinese New Year, Spring Lantern Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.

9. The transportation system is tourist friendly


Often when people go on vacations, they end up spending a lot of unnecessary money on taxis because of how complicated the public transport systems are. However, thats not the case with Hong Kong. They have a very efficient and easy to understand MTR subway system and their double-decker buses and trams are also extremely comfortable for tourists to use. Hong Kong also has the worlds longest roofed outdoor escalator system, which is definitely a sight not to be missed.

10. Its history is bound to intrigue you!

Its history is bound to intrigue you

Its always a good thing to learn and explore the history of a new place, and walk among the streets where historic events had happened.Hong Kong has an amazing story to tell, from where it started and how it turned into one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. The British rule, the occupation by the Japanese and the struggle with the mainlanders are some of the many things that shaped Hong Kong into what it is today, and youll be able to witness these things when you visit this amazing region.

Apart from these, there are many more other reasons to visit Hong Kong. If you want to plan your Hong Kong trip and are wondering how to visit Hong Kong from India, contact us at TravelTriangle and we’ll take care of the rest.

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20 Unexplored Places In India That Will Totally Stump You

After our regular dose of hidden places and their mind-boggling pictures, we are sure no popular or offbeat place is alien to you anymore. But we are not gonna stop flooding and surprising you.

To keep you glued and inspired, here’s a list of 20 unexplored places in India. Over-shadowed and overt, there places will leave you stumped with their untouched beauty.

The quaint settlement in Gurez Valley in Kashmir

Surreal landscapes, cool air, breathtaking backdrops, and the sound of gushing river are commonplace in Gurez Valley. The regular sight of shepherds and fields feels like a scene out of Bambi. Its strategic location right below the ‘Line of Control’ makes the valley one of the most protected land in India. And yes, with continuous vigilance and constant patrolling, it is safe to go there.

May through September are the months when the weather and air are most pleasant and welcoming.

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Phugtal Gompa hidden in mountain caves in Jammu & Kashmir

Possibly the remotest monastery in Asia, Phugtal Gompa is a striking attraction set in the mountain cave in Zanskar. As you climb up the tall mountains, you see the spectacular views of the Tsarap River. There is no road which leads to this house of peace. You need to trek for a day or two to reach this unseen place in India.

View of the snow-capped mountains from Chopta in Uttarakhand

Chopta is undoubtedly the prettiest spot of all the offbeat places in India. Enjoy the spell-binding beauty of the Himalayas, snow-capped mountains, and thick forest trails. The sleepy town will enchant you with its mystical meadows, towering trees, snowy backdrops and warm people.

Terrace stays in Kanatal of Uttarakhand - One of the most unexplored places in India

Just over 80 km away from Dehradun, Kanatal is a pretty little hamlet for the romantics. One of the the most unexplored places in India, the place is full of romance with stunning views, and warm, hospitable hotels. Also, Kanatal has special terrace stays, perfect for couples.

The suspended bridge of Damro in Arunachal Pradesh

Damro is the base to the longest hanging bridge (1,000 feet) in Arunachal Pradesh. Definitely a hidden route to heaven, Damro charms with thatched bamboo houses, swaying suspended bridges, and laid-back lifestyle of the locals. Among the list of unexplored places in India, it is a rural sort of a getaway for exhausted city dwellers. The sights of harvested crops, not-so-wild bison, vast expanse of meadows and grasslands are quite welcoming.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

MawlynnongVillage of Meghalaya is considered to be the cleanest and the one of the most unexplored places in India

The village honored as ‘The Cleanest Village in Asia’ by international bodies is quite unknown in the country. The picturesque village of Mawlynnong is epitome of harmony and cleanliness, which makes it one of the worthy unexplored places in India. Well-maintained roads, polished streets, spotless houses, manicured front-yards and cobbled sidewalks give an impression of high-end cities. Their organized pits for organic and inorganic wastes, maintained public utilities, and scattered bamboo dustbins can put even the best of urban cities to shame.

The colorful poisonous wolfsbane tree at the top of Sandakphu in Darjeeling

The term ‘Sandakphu’ means height of the poison plants. It is named so because of a specifically poisonous wolfsbane plant which grows naturally near the peak. Sandakphu, one of the most dangerous offbeat places in India, is the highest peak in Darjeeling with a staggering altitude of 3,336 meters.

A local sportsman during Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur - One of the most unexplored places in India

Kila Raipur — the base to Rural Olympics, is known not just for its engaging games, but for its vibrant culture and people. The festivities and pomp, including engaging dance performances and traditional plays will take you through an unforgettable trip. The sports destination is believed to be a place where you can befriend valiant and strong people. The energy of the place is other-worldly which makes it one of the best unexplored places in India.

P.S. Mostly, the Rural Olympics take place during the month of February.

The luxurious tents at the night leopard camp at Jawai in Rajasthan

Not known to many, Jawai Leopard Camp is the newest and the coolest addition to leopard spotting destinations in India. Luxurious tents, rustic lamps and authentic Rajasthani cuisine ensure that the experience is exotic as well as adventurous. And it’s not just the feline, the place is abuzz with flamingos, geese, cranes, and other migratory birds. If you are lucky, you may find a fair share of sloth bears, Indian wolves, and antelopes.

The twins at Mohammadpur Urmi which is considered to be one of the weirdest unexplored places in India

There is a very interesting twinning tale associated with this place – Mohammadpur Urmi. Out of a population of 900, the place has 65 pairs of twins, which is considered to be way high in ratio of normal standards. And it’s not just humans, cows give birth to twin calves, and even hens lay eggs with two yolks!

Mohammadpur Urmi’s attraction is not restricted to this weird phenomenon. Its simple beauty is perfect to have a mini-vacation to understand the interesting traditions and cultures of the place.

A craftsman at Amadubi in Jharkhand - A place unexplored in India

Amadubi is a village known for its skilled chitrakars and Paitkar paintings. Since centuries, Amadubi is home to many artists and pictorial storytellers. With rustic huts, local diners saturated with aroma of authentic rice delicacies, colorful festivities during festivals like Tusu Parab and Dansai, and traditional dances at various agricultural festivals, the village has much to offer.

Some of the best grabs of the village are Dokra craft, Mithila sarees, region’s rich art, and Paitkar paintings which you should take home from the most artistic of all offbeat destinations in India.

Mainpat In Chhattisgarh

You may not have heard of a large Tibetan settlement in India except Dharamshala, but the gomoas (temples) of Mainpat are truly heavenly and unexplored. One of the most beautiful of all the unseen places in India, Mainpat is home to Thakpo Shedupling Monastery built in 1970. It is an important attraction here. There are several old thangkas, and wall murals that decorate the interiors of this monastery.

If you are a cholesterol or high blood pressure patient, do visit the farms of tau, commonly known as buckwheat. It is said to possess healing properties.

The beautiful temple in Lepakshi which is one of the top unexplored places in India

Lepakshi, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, is a site dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra – the fiery incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are various colorful frescos painted on the walls and ceilings of buildings and temples from Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, the best part of the place is the hanging pillar in the main Lepakshi Temple. There is nothing holding the pillar to the ground, but it is still standing.

The serene coasts of Parule and Bhogwe in Maharashtra - One of the most beautiful unexplored places in India

Parule offers a farm stay experience, along with a taste of authentic local cuisine. Activities like cow milking, fishing, and plantation walking will keep you engaged. The stunning sunsets and sunrises will take your breath away.

Bhogwe, on the other hand, boasts of architectural wonders and a mystical charm. The village has rustic temples and old cottages, where you can have a laid-back vacation while munching cashews, boat-riding ,or just lazing around on the coast.

Little turtles on the banks of Velas village in Maharashtra - One of the most offbeat places in India

The people of this quaint village have taken up a cause – they aggressively protect and nurture the several, common and endangered, species of turtles. Here, you get to watch the unfurling of a life in front of your eyes, right from the moment these little friends hatch out of their shells.
PS: Don’t miss the annual turtle festival which is a one-of-its-kind mesmerizing event, of the festival. Check out their official website for more updates.

Hoysaleswara Temple's entrance in Halebidu

Halebidu is dotted with several forgotten but charming shrines and temples. A dream destination for historians and archaeologists, the place encompasses peace and a sense of complacence that is alien to the modern world . Once a regal capital to kings, Halebidu will make you forget all other temples around.

A lazy bear at Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary - One of the most unheard of unexplored places in India

You may have heard of the famous ruins of Hampi, but have you heard of an exquisitely clean and well-maintained bear reserve known as Daroji Bear Sanctuary? It is home to more than 120 sloth bears, amongst other equally feral animals. If lucky, you might get to watch the scene of the wide gorge from the watch tower, several feet above. Watch them gorging on food from a relatively closer spot at 2 pm every day, when the authorities provide these mammoths with food and water.

Now you wouldn’t have imagined that our country has something like this, right?

Thousand pillared Jain Temple in Moodbidri in Karnataka

Moodbidri is Jains’ paradise and historians’ dream destination. Several Jain shrines (some of them are centuries old) depicting the Digambara culture, add character to the place. The most popular one is thousand pillared Jain Temple which is said to be over 600 years old. The architecture has the Nepalese, Hoysala, and Oriental influences.

The heart-sjaped Chembra Lake in Western Ghats is one of the top unexplored places in India

In the heights of Wayanad range in Western Ghats, there is a lake which is believed to be never desiccated. Not drought, not high temperature; nothing has ever been able to dry even the tiniest bit of this lake. But the most catchy thing about Chemra lake is its shape – a heart. Yes, it is the only natural lake in India in the shape of a heart.

An enthusiast trying her hand at pottery at Urakam in Kerala

Majestic beauty, entrancing culture, skilled artisans, vibrant festivals, and delicious food – Urakam, the best of unexplored places in south India has all! Away from the busy town life, come here to relax, rejoice, and learn pottery from the original pottery masters.

Got enough fodder to chalk out your next trip? That’s exactly what we aimed at. Do let us know which one of these offbeat places is on your mind!

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3 Best Beaches In Admiralty In Singapore To Be Explored In 2019

Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations with around 17.4 international million tourists visiting it. It has become a global hub for tourism and luxury tourists. The local places let tourists explore the culture of Singapore in its raw form .One can visit Singapore Flyer to have a moving and unique experience, Singapore Zoo can add to the fun if you are visiting the place with your family. Changi Chapel and Museum is heaven for art lovers, and the beaches in admiralty can add a lot more excitement to your already exciting trip. You can add a few more exciting places to your list as these are just a few to name. Here, we have listed some beaches in admiralty for you to have an alluring and fascinating experience with your family.

woman looking at singapore skyline in june

Singapore has a welcoming weather all throughout the year, and this is also one of the reasons why so many people prefer Singapore over other tourist destinations. The peak months when most people visit Singapore are November-January and the months of June and July. So if you are a person who runs away from crowd, then these months should not be on your list. If you love water sports, swimming etc. then November to March is the best time for you to visit Singapore as the weather is good. The beaches in admiralty will draw your attention all year around. You can also visit Singapore at the time of Singapore Food Festival in July or at the time of Singapore Fashion Festival in the month of October. It totally depends on the choices you make.

Singapore Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Go on a luxurious Singapore holiday and visit Universal Studios, Singapore flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Life Park, and Marina Bay Sands. Packages Inclusive of airport transfer, 4 star hotel stay, breakfast, visa, sightseeing, & more at unbelievably affordable rates!

Singapore has a good number of beaches and water parks. Add these beaches in Singapore to your itinerary and enjoy your vacation with your family in Singapore.


For all the beach lovers, the most bewitching beaches are close to this town. Visit to simply chill and relax with your friends and family. Dive into the pure and serene atmosphere of this place and take in all the positive vibes. Beaches like Siloso beach and Lido beach are popular among the tourists. Being a coastal area, the weather here is always pleasant, and it is at night when this place comes really alive! Spend your night here witnessing the mesmerizing view of the night sky by stargazing and take some wonderful memories with you on your way back home!

Location: Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore

Timings: 24 hours

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This is a tantalizing Beach which is located right in the northern zone of Changi which is located in the easternmost part of Singapore. The beach is a 3.3 km long sandy stretch and is just the most amazing place for a family vacation. Bring your picnics and fishing gear because here everything is possible. Here you will also get the opportunity to land an aircraft or engage in a variety of water sports. Bring your camping gear to spend the night beneath the stars after you enjoy in a barbeque party.

Location: Nicoll Dr, Singapore, 498991.

Timings: 24 hours

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Located at the Sentosa Island, it is famous for its backpacking population and also the nature admirers who come here for some greenery. Bring a beach towel, sit on the golden sands and enjoy the weather as you sunbathe. This is a great place to visit for those who want some peace and tranquility. Make sure you stay till dusk to see the waters and sky change its colors with the time of nature. The sands are clean and here there is an atmosphere of bliss. No need to worry if you get hungry while here. There are a lot of themed bistros, restaurants and bars which will help you quench your thirst and hunger. The beach bars don’t open till 11 am, so take a note of that.

Location: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore, 098942
Timings: Open Daily

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Reaching Singapore is not that difficult and one can get hold of visa easily which lets you have a wonderful stay in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days with a validity of two years. If you are one of those travelers who believe in the ideology that beautiful journey leads you to a wonderful destinations, then you should be excited as one can even undertake a road trip to Singapore as it is connected to Singapore via a causeway. It will take you around 96 hours to reach there via road(mind you without any rest ). There is a good flight connectivity between Singapore and India, so you also have an option to fly and reach Singapore in just 4 hours.

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Singapore is a one stop destination where you enjoy and have enriching time with your family and friends. It is also a favourable destination for solo travelers. Whether it be food, water sports or shopping, you can catch hold and enjoy what excites you the most. Singapore is famous for its food and beaches. Plan a trip to Singapore with your family and visit beaches in admiralty and relieve yourself from the scorching heat outside. So plan a trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle, pack your bags and leave for an exciting and fun filled trip to Singapore with your family.

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Deepak’s Trip To Dubai With Kids Was All About Fun, Laughter, And Joy!

Dubai is one of the most famous destinations amongst the tourists who are all about luxury and modernity. It is known for its sky-high buildings and marvels that surpass the definition of grandeur. Every year they come up with something which is far more surprising than what humans can imagine. Apart from that, it also offers adventure at its best and will thrill you up from head to toe. And as if this was not enough, the city is a haven for shopping. This is what brought Deepak to this land of marvels and he had the most amazing trip ever. Here is how he spent his vacation amidst the skyscrapers.

I was always fascinated by the skyscrapers and the unique architecture of Dubai. I used to daydream about how I could just touch the clouds while at Burj Khalifa or witness the sun go down from the infinity pool. And I was more than glad when I finally got to accomplish my dream and planned a holiday in Dubai. It was the most dreamy trip ever and my family and I had a lot of fun. My kids were also left awestruck by the unbounding charm of the city. Here are the details of our trip that might help you with your next trip to Dubai.

  • Details Of Our Trip To Dubai With Kids
  • Itinerary Of Our Trip To Dubai In June
  • Weather Of Dubai In May
  • Best Experiences On Our Trip To Dubai In June
  • Places To Stay In Dubai With Family
  • Best Restaurants On Our Trip To Dubai In June
  • Shopping On Our Trip To Dubai In June
  • What To Pack For Trip With Kids
  • Getting Around
  • Tips To Travel To Dubai
  • Do’s & Dont’s on Dubai Trip
  • How to Reach Dubai
  • Our Experience With TravelTriangle
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai In June

Trip Type: Family Trip
Cost: INR 70,000 per person
No. Of People: 5 Adults and 2 Children
Duration: 6 Days
Inclusions: Breakfast, Dinner, Airport Transfers, Airfare, Visa
Exclusions: Lunch, Private Cabs

The average weather of Dubai in June is hot. The afternoons are usually dry and humid whereas the evenings are slightly cold and thus, pleasant. The temperature of Dubai in June is approximately 32 degrees Celsius which is bearable enough due to light breezes blowing all the time. Since it is hot during June, you can indulge in water sports and spend the days at beaches. In order to skip the heat, you can visit the indoor attractions.

Our trip to Dubai with kids was a sweet and cheerful affair. Here are the details of our experiences that made us fall in love with it!

a lot of fun with kids

visited to the Mosques

kids are having fun

went on a desert safari

had a memorable safari tour

On the first day of our trip, we relaxed at the hotel and enjoyed a cruise tour in the evening. The cruise took us to Dubai creek which was simply beautiful. On the second day, we headed for the city tour wherein we explored many great places to see in Dubai with family like Jumeirah Mosque, Meena Bazaar, Dubai water canal project and more. It was a great day and our kids also had a lot of fun.

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at the ferrari world tour with family

started the tour of Dubai

The third day of our trip was filled with beauty and adventure. However, we had the most adventurous experience on the fourth day at the Ferrari World. It was definitely the best part of our trip and one of the best places to go in Dubai with kids. Not only our kids, but we also had a lot of fun and entertainment. The rides were quite thrilling and we clicked pictures as well. After that, we visited the famous Grand Mosque which left us completely awestruck.

make the memorable memories

clicked pictures on the beach

innumerable sweet memories

Dubai mall

we visited the world-famous Burj Khalifa

strolled at Dubai mall

had a lot of fun and entertainment.

 enjoyed the ambiance of the mall

on a city tour with family

enjoyed the dubai tour

On the fifth day, we visited the world-famous Burj Khalifa and I felt like I was on the seventh heaven literally. We enjoyed the views from the observation decks. After getting totally mesmerized by the views, we strolled at Dubai mall, bought various things and had a delicious meal. If you are looking for good eating places in Dubai, the mall has a lot of options. We came back with innumerable sweet memories. This was definitely one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids.

We were wondering where to stay in Dubai with family, and then this hotel came to our rescue. During the trip, our stay was in Hotel Pullman. I must say, the hotel was amazing. It is located near the mall and is in close proximity to the airport, so we could easily get transferred. The rooms were pretty big and offered scenic views. We also liked the fact that cleanliness was maintained in the hotel. Apart from that, the hotel staff was very welcoming and available for us all the time. Altogether, it was a great experience.

Since it was the time of Ramadan, we could not visit many restaurants during our trip. We had our meals in our hotel only. The food was good and we enjoyed the ambiance of the hotel’s restaurant.

We had a great shopping experience in Dubai. We bought a lot of clothes, perfumes and dates from there. The malls were really luxurious and had everything under one roof. We bought budget-friendly items and were full of glee.

Dubai in June experiences harsh summers with the sun shining brightly above the head. Although one can find anything and everything in the malls of Dubai, there are still a few important things that one should certainly pack along when traveling to this stunning Emirate.

Outfit: June in Dubai calls for the summer wardrobe, from head to toe, for every traveler, irrespective of the age group. Loose trousers, shorts, flip flops, sandals, loose tops, dresses, and long skirts are a few elements that one can add to their outfit. For paying a visit to the places of worship, it is advised that one wears fully-covered clothes in order to show respect.

Cosmetics: Sunscreen, hand lotion, wet wipes, lip balm, and moisturizer should definitely find some space in your bags.

Gadgets: One can also pack along a camera, rechargeable batteries, an international portable adapter, and earphones.

Miscellaneous: Dubai in June is extremely humid and thus, chances of getting thirsty are high. Carrying a water bottle and a small backpack with all the necessary supplies should certainly be the first priority of travelers.

The cosmopolitan city of Dubai houses an extremely impeccable road and rail network that makes it easier to roam around the city without any hindrances.

By Road

Getting from one place to another in Dubai by road is one of the popularly used modes. Travelers can either rent a car and drive around the city themselves, or they can hire a public taxi. Dubai offers plenty of bus services that are air-conditioned and less heavy on the pockets simultaneously. From city bus to hop-on, hop-off bus, there is no dearth of this mode of transport.

By Metro

Being a metropolitan city, Dubai houses one of the world-class metros that is fully automated and runs driverless. Along with being the fastest mode of traveling, this mode of transport also provides scenic views of the city’s famous landmarks such as the Gold Souk, Dubai Mall, DIFC, and many others. Dubai also offers trams that begin from Al Sufouh to Jumeirah Beach Residences.

By Boat

Allowing travelers and locals to experience the waters of the city, Dubai gives people an opportunity to make use of Dhow Boats, Abras, Ferry Taxi, or Water Taxi. The city also offers dinner cruises or yacht on rent that allows travelers to soak in the breathtakingly beautiful views of the renowned city skyline.

  • Do proper research about the destination.
  • Choose a hotel which comes under a prime location.
  • Read about the city’s culture and weather once before planning your trip.
  • Book everything in advance.
  • Do not forget to carry your travel insurance.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to have an amazing and fun trip to Dubai:

  • Do not dress inappropriately.
  • Cover up yourself when swimming in public pools.
  • Do not engage in cross-dressing.
  • Do not drink in public unless allowed.
  • Do not point out fingers at loclas.

The best way to reach Dubai is by air. You will find a number of flights flying to Dubai. The round ticket from New Delhi to Dubai cost you around INR 15,000.

We had a great experience with TravelTriangle. The agents were very helpful. They catered to all our needs and were very supportive. Even in Dubai, they were connected throughout our trip and we didn’t come across any hassle.

Are you all thrilled and can’t wait to spend an enthralling holiday in Dubai with kids? Deepak’s fun and frolic vacation experiences at this marvellous city are giving major travel goals and you can take out the best ideas to plan your own. So, don’t wait and plan that much-awaited vacation to Dubai with your little ones and spend the most luxurious time of your life exploring this magnificent city in UAE.

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5 Delightful Restaurants In Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, That You Must Visit

Fancy a delicious meal amidst totally serene surroundings and enchanting tea estates? We bet you do! Well, then you must definitely head to these restaurants in Nuwara Eliya on your vacation in Sri Lanka. Offering the best of services, comfort, luxury, and great Sri Lankan cuisine to melt your heart, these restaurants are an ultimate paradise for foodies coming to this island nation. Add to this a touch of nature and splendid views, and you’ll surely not want to leave! And the best part – these eating joints offer food in relatively moderate to low rates, so dining in Nuwara Eliya will surely not burn a hole in your wallet. You can find everything from Sri Lankan, continental, Asian, to Indian food here. While some restaurants here offer the best seafood you’ll ever have, there are plenty of options for vegetarians as well.

Here are some of the best places in Nuwara Eliya where you can gorge on the finest Sri Lankan, Indian, and Asian delicacies to your heart’s content. Scroll down and take your pick keeping your food preferences and budget in mind. Apart from restaurants offering the best of non-vegetarian and seafood dishes in Sri Lanka, we have also listed options that will provide you with delicious pure vegetarian fare.

1. Hill Club


Hill Club is a completely British style restaurants in Nuwara Eliya . Their menu is also completely based on the British dining style. It has traditional food like roast beef with all the trimmings and rich puddings. Although this all sounds very sophisticated, it is not. Hill Club is far from sophisticated and has a very casual ambiance which visitors find very comfortable and relaxing.

Location: 9 Grand Hotel Rd, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Price: INR 2000/- person

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2. Grand Indian

A grand Indian thali in Mauritius

Indians may not like the local food very much. Hence this is a great choice for having food like back at home at this foreign land. It is a luxurious restaurant with great food. It is also a pretty popular Indian restaurants in Nuwara Eliya. This may not be a very cheap option but is surely a must-try for all travelers going to Nuwara Eliya.

Location: Grand Hotel Rd, Nuwara 22200, Sri Lanka
Price: INR 2300/- person

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3. High Tea At The Grand

High Tea Party

It any person wants to experience what it is like to have a High Tea without going to London, High Tea at Grand is the place. It has a very intresting system, exactly at 3:30pm waiters in cafe set up the buffet.
table. They prepare a range of tea, cute perfectly triangle sandwiches and dainty cake and surely is one of the best restaurants in Nuwara Eliya. Visitors can take a sit back and enjoy the elegant feel of having High Tea.

Location: No. 05 Grand Hotel Road Nuwara Eliya, Nuwaraeliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Price: INR 3200/- person

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4. Queenswood Restaurant

Food Dinner Meal Curry Sri Lanka Bowls

Queenswood Restaurant has a offbeat location. It is visible right up front. Although once travellers find the location they will fall in love with the the restaurant. It has a muted light theme and the ambience is great.It has a great versatile menu. The cuisine of this restaurant is Asian Fusion and has mouth watering flavours.

Location: 124/1 Badulla Road, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Price: INR 1500/- person

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5. Themparadu

sri lanka veg food

The best thing about Themparadu is the scenic beauty it provides with. Looking over the gorgeous Victoria Park. It is also very good in service. The restaurant has a casual vibe and the food is amazing here. This serves Sri Lankan food with a twist and it is great. Finally it is surely a must go for the experience it provides with.

Location: Victoria Park, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Price: INR 500/- person

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Best Restaurant In Sri Lanka

Shaped by historical and cultural factors, the cuisine is Sri Lanka is delightful in every way. Other than the Teardrop of India or the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is also sometimes called the Island of Rice and Curry by foodies who visit this island nation. The staple diet of the locals here mostly consists of coconut (or even) jackfruit, seafood, spices, rice, and curry. Some of the best dishes and food items you’ll get to taste here include Fish Ambul Thiyal (sour fish curry), Kottu, Kukul Mas Curry (chicken curry), Parippu (Dhal Curry), Lamprais, Hoppers (Appa or Appam), Polos (green jackfruit curry), Wambatu Moju (eggplant pickle), Gotu Kola Sambol (pennywort salad), Kiribath with Lunu Miris, Pol Sambol, and Wood apple. If you wish to taste the authentic flavors of Sri Lanka, try and head to either of these restaurants mentioned above which will offer the best of Lankan cuisine at affordable rates.

So, which of these fabulous restaurants in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, are you putting down in your list? We’d suggest you give them all a try if you wish to taste the extraordinary food of Sri Lanka and experience true Sri Lankan hospitality! If you haven’t already booked your trip, you can contact the expert travel agents at TravelTriangle and ask them to plan an awesome-sauce Sri Lanka vacation for you and your loved ones. And once you’re back, don’t forget to tell us all about your memorable trip experience.

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Our Amazing Trip To Ladakh In June Will Make You Pack Your Bags Right Away!

This Buddhist Kingdom is full of arid mountains, picturesque gompas and beautiful monasteries. Ladakh is the place where travelers can experience adventure, thrill and peace. The place gives an adrenaline rush to all the travelers who seek adventure here. This couple was bored of their daily monotonous schedule and of course the scorching heat of Delhi, and they could not find a better place than Ladakh that suited their requirements. Here is all about this couple’s travel to Ladakh in June.

Trip Type: Romantic Trip
Cost: INR 43900
No. Of People: 2
Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days
Inclusions:Breakfast, Dinner, Arrival, Departure, Welcome Drink on Arrival, Government Taxes, Accommodation, Cab for sightseeing
Exclusions:Lunch, English Speaking Driver, Camel ride, Entry fee charges, Flight, Rafting

Day 1: Arrival in Leh
Day 2: Sightseeing In Leh
Day 3: Drive to Nubra Valley
Day 4: Drive to Pangong Lake
Day 5: Drive Back To Leh
Day 6:Sightseeing In Leh
Day 6:Departure Back Home

When we visited Ladakh in June, the days were sunny yet pleasant. However, the late evenings witness an unexpected drop in temperature. Much to our surprise, a good weather day at Pangong culminated in a snowy night.

Since Ladakh is famous for its picturesque beauty, Buddhist monasteries and exciting adventure spots and along with it to get rid of scorching heat of Delhi, we decided to go on a trip to this beautiful place. Since we both love traveling, the diverse topography and the exciting spots that are nowhere to be seen in the world makes it even more interesting place to visit which further attracted us towards it.

We started our journey with a direct flight from Delhi to Leh. The cab driver received us at the Leh airport and drove us down to our hotel in the city, which was the beginning of our great adventure in the city.

1. Sightseeing

visited to Magnetic Hill

sitting for a warm hearty meal

Ladakh Hall of Fame

in the memory of the martyrs of the Kargil War

get the magnificent view of the Indus river

excited to witness an amazing view

One of the mornings of our trip started with a warm hearty breakfast followed by a drive through the city. Some of the most popular attractions that we got to visit were Magnetic Hill, Gurudwara Patthar Sahib, Confluence of Zanskar and Indus river. We also got to visit the famous Hall of Fame. The Believe It Or Not! Of Ladakh, the magnetic hills defy the law of gravity. We actually observed that a vehicle is parked on neutral gear on this metallic road the vehicle slides up-hil and it was unbelievable. Gurudwara Patthar Sahib is a shrine built in the memory of Shri Guru Nanak Deve Ji. The place had a very religious vibe and we also clicked a lot of pictures here. Next on our drive to Sham Valley, we enjoyed the magnificent views of the confluence of Zanskar and Indus River. On our drive back, we visited the Ladakh Hall of Fame built in the memory of the martyrs of the Kargil War. Patriotism engulfed us as we read about the various brave soldiers who died in the war.

2. Khardungla Pass

at the Nubra Valley

camel ride in Nubra Valley

mesmerised with the view

at khardungla pass

an amazing experience

had a joyful experience on ATV Ride

On our trip, we also visited the Nubra Valley. The road journey to Nubra Valley leads through the Khardung La Pass which is the highest motorable road in the world. The ride was truly amazing and we were truly mesmerised to see the panoramic views of the landscapes. On our way, we also drive through Duskit and Hundar villages. After arriving at Nubra, we visited the White Sand Dunes at Hunder. In the evening, we visited the Diskit monastery. We love the vibe and peace of monasteries and therefore we spent our evening here. Our overnight stay was at a camp in Khardungla pass and we felt the chills of snow while we were in the middle of a glacier.

3. Pangong Lake

beauty of Pangong Lake

From Nubra Valley, we drove to the Pangong Lake on our trip to Ladakh in June. If were stunned to see such beauty in the middle of the mountains. We enjoyed the views of the turquoise color panoramic lake and the magnificent mountains and landscapes which left us completely awestruck. We spent the afternoon savoring the beauty of the Pangong Lake and later in the night, we gazed at the sky full of stars and it was all so beautiful, seemed straight out of the movies. Our overnight stay was planned at a camp near the lake.

4. Monasteries

clicked a lot of pictures in the monastries

view of monastrey from outside

On our drive back to Leh, we came across many monasteries and after arriving in Leh, we visited the Gompas and Monasteries in Leh. The Thiksey Gompa is on ef the most impressive gompas in the city. We also visited the Sindhu Ghat where every year the Hindu Festival in held of the banks of the river. The Hemis monastery is yet another beautiful monastery in Ladakh. A few gold statues are located in the monastery along with a wonderful collection of tankhas. We were amazed to see the beauty of the stupas and clicked a lot of pictures. We also saw the Shanti Stupa. The architecture of this place is magnificent and it also offers a panoramic view of Leh city, and the valley.

Fort view Hotel (Leh) – The hotel did not have any flattering views to offer. However, food served and services provided were satisfactory.
Nubra Summer camp (Nubra valley)- The tent was no less than a hotel room, replete with a bed, bedside tables, a dressing table and an attached bathroom. Good food catering to north Indian taste buds was served.

Ladakh Summer camp (Pangong)- A few meters away from Pangong lake, this well- maintained camp served the best food with a wide variety of options to choose from. All the required arrangements were made well in advance.

At both the camps, water and electricity were made available for a definite number of hours owing to limited access to these resources at that height. The good thing was that we were made aware of the same at the time of check-in. Having said that, it wasn’t a hassle in any way.

The Tibetan Kitchen is a famous restaurant and is known for serving authentic chinese food. The meal cost us around INR 500- INR 600 for 2 people. Before visiting the restaurant, it is advised to ask the hotel staff to check for the waiting time and book a table in advance since people usually have to wait to get seated.

The café at Shanti Stupa also offers a variety of food and is quite reasonable too and costs around INR 500-600 for two people. This is not a restaurant but an organic store in Leh market, ‘Dzomsa’ offers natural juices of apricot and sea buckthorn and also has a variety of organic products including apricot balm, etc.

Hall of Fame in Leh does offer souvenirs and keepsakes that you can take back home. Pashmina shawls, Yak wool jackets, fridge magnets, t-shirts, mugs, accessories to name a few. The main market has numerous shops, each housing items stated above.

Travelers are advised to packe +40 SPF Sunblock, caps, scarves, sunglasses, umbrella, power bank, Diamox (for altitude sickness), camphor (to cure shortness of breath) and other essentials. Guest must carry warm woolen clothes and do layering before visiting the Nubra Valley.

  • If you are travelling by air, plan your return flight in such a way that there is ample time for you to take a rest. Generally, itinerary is framed in such a way that a day before when you have to take the return flight you come back to Leh and visit local places. However, unpredictable weather up the mountains may ruin the plan and one may get stuck between the mountains in the middle of the road.
  • Stay overnight at Pangong and Nubra valley camps and enjoy being close to nature.
  • If possible, travel with a private vehicle since you will be able to ask the driver to stop whenever needed. There will be instances while travelling when you have the urge to stop and capture the beautiful landscapes. Remember, you may not be coming back again.
  • Don’t try to cover too much. The monasteries and other places offer some breath-taking views but there is too much travelling when you visit these places. Instead, spend some time to enjoy the picturesque views on the way.
  • As suggested by the locals, avoid exerting on the first day as altitude sickness may kick in a few hours post arrival.
  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • Ask your driver to carry the chains along whenever you travel because if it snows, nothing will come to your rescue as much as these chains will. The reason they are needed is to keep the car from skidding.

Excellent, Sareer Travels and in particular, Mehvish assisted us a lot and made sure that the entire stay and travel is without any hassle. Moreover, Fayaz whom we met at Leh made sure that we have all the inner line permit and the other necessary documents with the vehicle. Our driver Madhu was experienced, however, he was an introvert and did not interact much during the tenure of the trip.

For a memorable and adventurous vacation in Ladakh, let TravelTriangle plan a Ladakh trip for you and your family. Include some of the best experiences on your holiday to Ladakh in June and create fond memories together.


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10 Destinations In U.S.A For That Perfect American Honeymoon!

Looking for a kick-ass yet incredibly romantic way to start your married life? Then an American honeymoon is just what you need! Encompassing of arid deserts, snow-capped mountains, and exotic beaches with emerald waters, these 10 honeymoon destinations in the US have everything that you may have ever dreamt of. Give it a read because who knows you might just get sorted with the destination for your honeymoon trip!

Here are the best places in the United States for a dreamy honeymoon experience with your better half. See all the romantic experiences they offer before you take your pick.

1. New York City In New York

couple honeymooning in America

Renowned as the most romantic city in the US, this is just the perfect place for experiencing an American honeymoon. Whether you are looking for a cultural extravaganza, fine dining restaurants, natural beauty, or a happening nightlife, this city has an amazing array of options. After all it isn’t referred to as ‘the city that never sleeps’ for no reason!

Best For: Couples looking for a fancy nightlife, best museums, and dining options in the world!
Most Romantic Attractions: Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Empire State Building, and Central Park.
Popular Things To Do: Dine at The Loeb Central Park Boathouse, visit the Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History, and shop at the stores around the West Village & SoHo.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: The Pierre, Plaza Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel New York, etc.
Best Time To Visit: During fall (September to November)

2. Kauai In Hawaii

couple in kauai

Apart from being the most ultimate and enticing vacation place, Kauai is also one of the best honeymoon places in USA. From visiting the pristine beaches or hiking the nature trails to exploring the national park within the island, there’s plenty to do on your honeymoon here.

Best For: Couples who love to stay outdoors.
Most Romantic Attractions: Kalalau Valley, Tunnels Beach, Poipu Beach, and Hanalei Pier.
Popular Things To Do: Spend time at the beaches, tour the Kilauea Lighthouse, explore the Na Pali Coast, and go hiking through the Waimea Canyon.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: Sheraton Kauai Resort, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort And Spa, and Whalers Cove Resort.
Best Time To Visit: To get the most and save the most, consider visiting between September and November or from April to June.

3. Savannah In Georgia

Couple in savannah on honeymoon

If you decide to visit Savannah, your American honeymoon will only get more exciting!
This southern city has a rich history and blooms with a pure southern charm. Thrilling music festivals, toothsome food, gorgeous mansions, and beautiful parks make this city as one of the most idyllic honeymoon locations in US.

Best For: Couples who are looking for everything from luxury to adventure.
Most Romantic Attractions: Forsyth Park, Elizabeth On 37th, and beaches of Tybee Island.
Popular Things To Do: Go for street shopping, enjoy sunset at the Tybee Island, take a Segway or carriage tour, and explore the museums.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: The Gastonian, Azalea Inn & Villas, and Kehoe House.
Best Time To Visit: For a budget honeymoon, visit during the fall from mid-September through mid-November.

Forsyth Park Georgia

4. Las Vegas In Nevada

couple in vegas

The sin city has more to offer than just bachelor parties and fun nightlife. From stylish suites to lavish spas, think of anything and you’ll find it here. Believe us, Vegas is never a bad idea! Head out in the daytime or at night, but if you’re here, you’ll have the most craziest honeymoon in America!
Best For: Couples looking for an affordable yet fun honeymoon experience!
Most Romantic Attractions: The Strip, Bellagio Fountains and Conservatory Gardens, and the Valley of Fire.
Popular Things To Do: Stroll along the Fremont Street, fly the SlotZilla Zip Line, add a lock to the Love Locket, get drunk, or go for a couple massage.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: Bellagio Hotel and Casino, JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa, and Paris Las Vegas.
Best Time To Visit: March to May and September to November.

places to see in las vegas

5. Jackson Hole In Wyoming

couple in Jackson hole wyoming

A beautiful valley located between the Gros Ventre range and Teton Mountain range, this town in Wyoming is literally the Switzerland of USA. The low-lying valleys and river streams can transcend you to a whole new world of bliss with an unforgettable honeymoon experience!
Best For: Couples who are looking to relax in the lap of nature.
Most Romantic Attractions: Grand Teton National Park, Snow King Mountain, and The Snake River.
Popular Things To Do: Hot air balloon ride, fly fishing, mountain biking, tram ride at Corbet’s Cabin, etc.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole, Amangani Resort, and Spring Creek Ranch.
Best Time To Visit: April, May, September, and October to avail great discounts and escape the crowd.

wyoming in USA

6. San Francisco In California

Couple honeymoon San francisco

This city by the bay is the perfect destination for an American honeymoon. With so many famous landmarks, chic restaurants, cable cars, and colorful Victorian houses, you’ll never run out of things to see and do while you’re here!
Best For: Couples looking for a destination with a pleasant weather.
Most Romantic Attraction: Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, and Coit Tower.
Popular Things To Do: Have dinner at Quince, indulge in an ice cream together, climb to the top of Twin Peaks, take a ride in the cable car, visit the Golden Gate Park, etc.
Most Romantic Place To Stay: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Omni San Francisco Hotel, and The St. Regis San Francisco.
Best Time To Visit: September to November

7. Homer In Alaska

Couple on honeymoon in homer

Amongst all the best places for honeymoon in America, Homer is the most incredibly amazing destination! Environed with snow-capped mountain peaks, dazzling ice-blue glaciers, dense slopes, and the blue waters of Kachemak Bay, this place will surely leave you two captivated!
Best For: Couples looking for a fun yet rejuvenating honeymoon.
Most Romantic Attractions: Bishops Beach, Pratt Museum, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, and Carl E Wynn Nature Center.
Popular Things To Do: Explore Kachemak Bay and Halibut Cove, go for hiking or kayaking, take a ride in the water taxi, helicopter bear viewing, etc.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa, The Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa, and Fairfield Inn & Suites Anchorage Midtown.
Best Time To Visit: May to mid-August

8. Sedona In Arizona

Couple on honeymoon in sedona

You’ll be drawn towards this place for experiencing an American honeymoon, if red-hued buttes, artsy vibes, and vortexes is what tickles your fancy. All you need to make the most of your holiday in this desert oasis is book a Creekside cottage and snuggle under the stars!
Best For: Couples looking for a desert retreat.
Most Romantic Attractions: Oak Creek Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross etc.
Popular Things To Do: Indulge in hiking, biking, horseback riding, visit the art galleries, take a jeep tour up the Oak Creek Canyon etc.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: Hilton Sedona At Bell Rock, Sedona Real Inn & Suites, and Orchards Inn Of Sedona.
Best Time To Visit: March to May and September to November.

9. Aspen In Colorado

couple skiing in aspen

Aspen is as beautiful as a flawless painting on a canvas. With its ski resort set amidst rocky mountains and lush grasslands spread all around, there is no doubt that this city is one of the top honeymoon locations in US.

Best For: Couples looking for an adventurous and luxury honeymoon.
Most Romantic Attractions: Maroon Bells, Aspen Mountain, and Independence Pass.
Popular Things To Do: Sleigh rides, snowshoeing,whitewater rafting, paragliding, camping and snowmobiling.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: The St. Regis Aspen Resort, Residences at The Little Nell, and Aspen Meadows Resort.
Best Time To Visit: December to February

beautiful maroon lake in aspen

10. Burlington In Vermont

honeymoon in vermont

Set on the shore of Lake Champlain, Burlington is a vibrant and cultural lakeside city, which offers the best opportunities to have a great time on your American honeymoon. Head to this city if verdant farms, serene lakes, and pretty houses can elevate your mood along with the perfect weather all the time.
Best For: Couples looking for an English style honeymoon and a non-beach destination.
Most Romantic Attractions: Lake Champlain, Robert Hull Fleming Museum, Waterfront Park etc.
Popular Things To Do: Visit the Church Street Marketplace, take a tour of the Magic Hat Brewing Company, enjoy sunset at the Waterfront etc.
Most Romantic Places To Stay: Hilton Burlington, Made INN Vermont, an Urban-Chic Boutique B&B, and Sheraton Burlington Hotel.
Best Time To Visit: May to September when the festival’s schedule picks up and the city bursts with greenery.

beautiful english house in burlington vermont

While these are the best places in the US for your romantic extravaganza, there are also places like Palm Springs in California, Newport – Rhode Island, Mexico, and Key West in Florida, which you can consider for having a unique experience. But irrespective of which destination you pick for your honeymoon, make sure you book the best honeymoon trip with TravelTriangle to have an unforgettable experience together!

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