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4 Popular Museums in Bedulu Bali That Is Worth A Visit

Bali is famous for its art, culture, and nature. In this tour, we will explore the process of Bali art which is produced in Gianyar regency such us Batik art production, Painting art, and silversmith. Balinese art is the art of Hindu-Javanese origin that grew from the work of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom, with their expansion to Bali in the late 14th century. From the sixteenth until the twentieth century, the village of Kamasan, Klungkung (East Bali), was the center of classical Balinese art. During the first part of the twentieth century, new varieties of Balinese art developed. Since the late twentieth century, Ubud and its neighboring villages established a reputation as the center of Balinese art. The museums in Bedulu Bali are a great place to learn about the rich history of Balinese art.

Earlier Bali gained its popularity because of its pristine beaches, huge volcanic mountains, lush green hills, rice terraces, and its beautiful mountains but slowly, it is gaining popularity as the treasure trove of some exquisite art forms, paintings, and handicrafts. Some of its products such as the Batik fabric is exclusively available in Bali and is quite in demand all over the world. Bali is one such place that leaves everyone with a delight. Its dances and music are as colorful as their paintings. Many visitors flock to remote villages of Bali to experience their culture and end up being so inspired that they start living among the villagers and adapting their lifestyles and even their livelihood practices.

Bedulu which is a historic site was once the royal capital of a great kingdom of Bedahulu and is home to a number of historical monuments and architectures which are great spots for the expedition. Another interesting place that you should not miss is the museums in Bedulu Bali which houses a number of artistic works, abstract paintings and a lot of other stuff which will definitely lock your interest.

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Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali


This is the best museum if you want to explore Balinese Culture in its entirety. This central museum is situated in the provincial capital of Denpasar and houses more than 10,000 artworks. There are a lot of pieces on display in here which include everything from prehistoric sarcophagi to dance costumes as well as masks. The Museum Negeri Propinsi is also known as the Provincial Public State Museum. Make sure to see the various pavilions which examine the different facets of the history and culture of the place. The whole ambiance of the place is more enhanced by the traditional music that plays on bamboo instruments. The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon as it is less quiet then.
Things to do: Observe the artifacts, pictures, sculptures and such; listen to music.

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Bali Provincial Public Museum


For culture and history enthusiasts wondering what to see in Denpasar, the Bali Provincial Public Museum in an interesting Denpasar sightseeing point. This museum, which is locally known as Negeri Propinsi Bali, gives an insight into the culture, the lives and the traditions of the Balinese people. This is the oldest landmark and the main museum in the city, and is home to around 10,000 exhibits related to the life and culture of Bali.

Location: Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Bali 80232, Indonesia,
Timings: 8AM-3:30PM
Friday – 8AM-1PM

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Museum Le Mayeur


This is one of the must-visit locations which attracts the tourists. This museum is situated in the house of Belgian expatriate named Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres. After he died in 1958 the house transformed into a museum. The museum showcases his collections and most of the paintings were of his Balinese dancer wife.

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Bali gives you numerous reasons to visit this amazing place. It has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and has earned a reputation for all good reasons. Bedulu which is one of the most popular historic sites of Bali also sees a lot of tourists coming in who are interested in its history and like to spend their time exploring the ancient historic sites or visiting the museums in Bedulu Bali. Those looking for some fun and adventurous time also visit Bali to spend some quite, relaxing time in the beautiful nature surrounding the village of Bedulu.

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5 Memorable Experiences From Our Spectacular 6 Days Trip To Ladakh

Ladakh’s scenic beauty, Buddhist monasteries, and rich culture attract tourists from far and wide. But, everybody has a different reason to visit Ladakh. Some travel to the destination seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, while others drop by to explore avenues for adventure. Read on to find out what was the motivation behind Sriharsha’s 6 days trip to Ladakh.

My father has a penchant for travel and adventure. But off late, his busy schedule hadn’t permitted him to take a holiday. It was beginning to reflect in his demeanor. That is when I decided that the family could use some vacation time. I suggested we go to Ladakh, but dad was skeptical because of its high altitude. Fortunately, I succeeded in convincing him. Afterward, we got in touch with TravelTriangle, and our agent customized our trip itinerary according to our preferences in no time. Before we knew it, we set off for the untouched paradise on Earth.

  • Details Of Our 6 Days Trip To Ladakh
  • Ladakh 6 Days Itinerary
  • Weather At Ladakh
  • 5 Memorable Experiences From Our 6 Days Trip To Ladakh
  • Our Hotels In Ladakh
  • Restaurants In Ladakh
  • Shopping In Ladakh
  • How To Reach Ladakh
  • Do’s & Don’ts In Ladakh
  • Ladakh Travel Tips
  • Our Experience With TravelTriangle
  • Common Queries About 6 Days Trip To Ladakh

Trip Cost: INR 73,500
No. Of People: 3 adults
Trip Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
Inclusions: Breakfast, dinner, airport transfers, English speaking driver, hotel fare, cab for sightseeing, first aid medical kit in cab, toll tax and parking fee
Exclusions: Lunch, welcome drinks on arrival, camel ride, entry fee of attractions, airfare, rafting, personal expenses, tips, travel insurance, laundry

Day 1: Arrival in Leh and evening stroll in Leh market
Day 2: Drive to Changlangla Pass and sightseeing
Day 3: Drive to Khardungla Pass
Day 4: Arrival in Nubra Valley
Day 5: Arrival in Pangong
Day 6: Departure

Leh and Nubra enjoy pleasant weather in the month of May. The days are sunny but the nights can get chilly. At Pangong, it was unbearably cold and windy. If you’re wondering what to pack for Ladakh trip, I suggest you pack a lot of woollen clothes and layer yourselves up in the evening to avoid falling sick. Our hotel staff was kind enough to furnish us with extra blankets to keep us warm.

After a lot of thought, I have arrived at 5 things to do on a 6 days trip to Ladakh that will render your experience unforgettable. You can read them here:

1. Sightseeing In Leh Ladakh

visited to ladakh with parents

visited to hall of fame

visit to the Army Museum

sense of pride at hall of fame

enjoying the dayout

The visit to the Army Museum filled my parents and I with a sense of pride. The letter from a 22-year-old soldier which said that he’d be no more was very moving. Our trek all the way to the Leh Palace was brilliant too! I couldn’t believe the magic of the Magnetic Hill until I actually saw the car moving, without any effort from the driver, on its own. This phenomena is caused by the magnetic pull of the hill. The Sangham was so beautiful to watch with the colors of the two rivers (Indus and Zanskar) coming together!

2. Playing With Snow At Changlangla Pass

At Changlangla Pass

played with snow with my parents

snow everywhere

At Changlangla Pass

clicked some amazing snapshots

At 17,688 feet, I played with snow with my parents after 10 years. That feeling cannot be put into words. My parents transformed into little kids and threw snow at each other and everywhere else. This was one of the highlights of our 6 days trip to Ladakh.

3. Stargazing In Pangong

At Pangong

had fun at Pangong Lake

mankind: Pangong Lake

A walk by the lakeside

After what seemed a lengthy drive, we witnessed one of the best visuals nature has provided to mankind: Pangong Lake. The sheer beauty of the lake revitalised our weary spirits. The lake changes 5 colors over the day. A walk by the lakeside is the best stroll you’ll ever take in your life. The night stay was a little bit difficult with the cold and the wind. I suggest you carry the electric blankets if possible. I dare you to go stargazing at night. The night sky is so clear and beautiful! We also went to the famous 3 idiots school and visited the monasteries in the region.

4. Camel Ride At Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley

took a few photographs

amazing view of the valley

create memories to cherish

We went on a camel ride in Nubra Valley and visited the sand dunes. They took our breath away. We stopped for sometime to take it all in. After we took a few photographs, we headed to see a local dance performance. We will never forget the night stay at Nubra Valley. The camp was no less than a 5 star resort.

5. Driving To Khardungla Pass

at khardungla pass

one of the highest motorable roads in the world

It was a wonderful experience

experienced the heavy snow everywhere

Crossing Khardungla Pass, claimed to be one of the highest motorable roads in the world, was another one of our trip’s highlights. It was a wonderful experience that can’t be put in words. We had Maggi and tea amidst clouds and snow and the warmth emanating from the friendly locals. I have experienced nothing quite like what i experienced up there.

We stayed in Hotel Singge Palace in Leh. We were well looked after by the staff who took care of all of our needs. Nubra Ethnic Camp and Resort hosted us in the valley. Don’t be fooled by the tents, the service at this camp area was the best out of the lot. We spent our night stargazing, telling stories, and sitting by the fire to beat the chill. Staying in Pangong Tso Padma Camp was also an experience of a lifetime. All in all, we had a peaceful time at the hotels in Ladakh.

We came across several restaurants in Ladakh and Leh on our 6 days trip to Ladakh where we treated our taste buds to local cuisine. Their ambience is pleasing and the staff is more than willing to describe what the dish is and the ingredients that go into it. Some of the food items that one must try while one is there includes momos, noodles, spring rolls, and chilly potato.

There’s a small kiosk in the Leh Market where a local sells Pashmina shawls. The store keeper explained to us the entire process of how Pashmina shawls are made, even though we had informed him that we have no intention of purchasing. But his veracity and integrity made us buy three shawls. We must say, shopping in Ladakh was an altogether exemplary experience on our 6 days trip to Ladakh.

The best way to reach Ladakh is by airplane. You can board any flight to Ladakh and in all peace and comfort reach the place. The other way is via road that too if you like road trips. Motorbike trips to Ladakh are the most popular ones. By road there are 2 ways to go to Ladakh – Srinagar to Ladakh and Manali to Ladakh.

Here’s a list of Ladakh travel tips that I believe will help you avoid mistakes and vacation like a pro during a 6 days trip to Ladakh:

1. Carry enough medicines as you may come face to face with unexpected situations on your trip.
2. Equip yourselves with heavy woollens.
3. Carry sunscreen with you at all times since sunlight can be very harsh during the day.
4. Cut down on single use plastic and carry a steel bottle with you at all times.
5. Carry enough cash as most shops and eateries do not accept credit cards.

We’re thankful to the agent at TravelTriangle for customising our travel itinerary according to our preferences. Our itinerary had enough breathing space for us to take some leisure time off to do our own thing. I would even go as far as to say that the itinerary was foolproof. TravelTriangle was considerate enough to accede to most of our requests.

I hope our 6 days trip to Ladakh inspires some of you to give in to your wanderlust and book your tickets pronto. This destination should be on every traveler’s list, and for good reason. You will have the time of your life on your Ladakh trip, just like we did. Make sure to contact TravelTriangle for availing special travel deals and discounts.

Here’s a compilation of all the travel queries you may have vis-a-vis our 6 days trip to Ladakh. I am sure you will find all your queries and concerns addressed below:

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Check Out How Fantastically Mayur Spent 6 Days In Thailand With His Family

Our Thailand trip was long due and it was years ago when we got our passports issued but we could not succeed in making a trip to a foreign destination. Finally, this time, my wife and I with our child decided to visit Thailand as it is one of the most beautiful beach destinations across the world. Moreover, for a beach lover like me, Thailand is the perfect place to be. So, we got connected with Traveltriangle and planned a trip of 6 days in Thailand with them. The customized our itinerary in the best way possible and needless to stay, we had a fantastic Thai Trip.

Trip Type: Family Trip
Cost: INR 66500
Duration: 6 Days
Inclusions: Driver, Taxes, Airport Transfer, Sightseeing, Breakfast, Lunch
Exclusions: Airfare, Visa, Personal Expenses, Insurance

Day 1: Hotel check-in in Krabi & explore city
Day 2: Enjoy Four Island Tour
Day 3: Explore attractions in Krabi
Day 4: Transfer to Phuket & hotel check-in
Day 5: Enjoy you day at Phi Phi Island
Day 6: Departure

We visited Thailand in the month of May when the weather was quite humid. Generally, in this month, rainfall is expected. But thankfully, it did not rain during the day time and we were able to finish all trips without any weather issues. Also, during the day, it was quite a lovely fusion sunshine and cloudy weather. We especially cherished the time that we spend at beaches. Moreover, this lovely weather made our 6 day trip to Thailand a blissful experience.

Our trip was a perfect blend of fun, adventure and loads of happiness. Here are some of the best experiences that made our trip immensely cherishable.

1. Four Island Tour, Krabi

Phra Nang Beach

Thale Walk beach

Krabi Thai Village Resort Entrance

kid enjoying at Phra Nang Beach

Tiger Cave Temple

pool side in Krabi Thai Village Resort

Thai food in Village Resort

Our wonderful journey started off with a Four Island Tour in Krabi wherein we got a chance to hop around the spectacular islands via speedboat. We visited Chicken Island, Koh Poda, Phranang Cave Beach, and Tup Island. All the islands boasts their own unique beauty. We also spnt some time by Ao Nang beach. There was a beach on one side and food and market on the other side. It’s indeed a nice place to spend one evening and shop and eat. Apart from this, we also visited other beaches which were crystal clear beaches in Krabi. Containing two islands where you can walk from one island to another due to shallow waters. We also saw beautiful fishes in the water and the blue waters felt like heaven. A wow experience in all!

2. Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Tiger Kingdom in Phuket

a surreal experience with tiger

glad to touch the real tigers

Cheese rolls at Central Phuket (Mall)

The time we spent in the Tiger Kingdom was such a surreal experience. We were glad to know that the tigers are not sedated as we’ve read what some people have written. Cat’s sleep during the day, especially kittens and when they do you can scoot them all over the house, lol. Most of the cubs were zonked out for the count so you could do whatever and they didn’t care, but when they unexpectedly wake up, lol, they may be a little annoyed with you. I was indeed a wonderful experience.

3. Big Buddha, Phuket

Phuket City Big Buddha

Phuket City Wat Chalong Temple

Sunset from Big Buddha

Next we headed towards the famous Big Buddha. The view of the island from the Buddha is beautiful. It was amazing to see all the different golden Buddha. It’s a bit of a walk to see the Buddha, but when we reached the main spot, everything seemed worthwhile. Also, we passed through a small market place where we could receive blessings from the monks. It was a very spiritual part of the trip. We were able to offer good wishes for family members. It’s definitely a must see.

4. Phi-Phi islands, Phuket

Big Boat at Phi Phi islands

Big Boat to Phi-Phi islands

In Big Boat to Phi-Phi islands

Terrace of Big Boat to Phi-Phi islands

at Phi Phi islands

Phi-Phi islands beach

Thavorn Beach Village Resort Phuket

Out of various things to do in Phuket, Big boat to Phi-Phi island itself was mind blowing. With snacks and drinks on board, the sea journey to islands becomes exciting. Phi-phi islands was undoubtedly the most important part of the whole tour. Clear waters and the blue tinting sea was what I had planned this trip for.

We’re immensely impressed by the Thai locals and found them to be really warm and hospitable. Especially, the drivers, shop keepers, and restaurant workers were extremely helpful. Also, in a new land, we never felt that we got cheated and there was no security issue as well. All in all, the conduct and welcoming nature of the Thai people met our expectations.

Since our meals were part of our trip, we really didn’t have to spend on food. Also, we felt that Thailand is not really expensive and would fit in a decent budget. For us, 2500 Thai Baht for a was good enough for a day’s expense. We visited various tourist attractions and also tried some Thailand street food as well. All in all, our 6 days in Thailand spend really well with the budget we had!

Honestly, we did not shop a lot. However, we would recommend future travelers to visit local markets where they can buy various clothing items and that so at decent prices. They can also find 7-Eleven Stores easily and buy various eatables and other items at a fair price.

Talking about food, whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, Thailand would never disappointed you! Most of the times, we had meals at the places where we stayed. But, we also tried some restaurants and street food as well. In Krabi, we went to an Indian restaurant namely Govinda’s restaurant. The best part about the restaurant was that it was purely vegetarian and also served jain food. Also, the prices were also quite affordable. Honestly, we were looking for only Indian food and luckily we found it! There was a restaurant called Rangoli just in front of Krabi Thai Village Resort. We had Punjabi food and the taste was excellent. Apart from this, the Central Mall in Phuket has many restaurants inside where one can savour a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

In Krabi, we stayed at Krabi Thai Village Resort (Four Star) for three nights. It is located at 10-15 minutes walking distance from Ao Nang beach, Krabi. The rooms were beautiful, clean and had all modern facilities including mini bar. We were greeted nicely by the receptionist and she offered a complementary welcome drink and face cleaning napkins on arrival. There are separate swimming areas for kids and adults. The swimming pool has a bar attached. The property has a very beautiful entrance and a nice restaurant. Travel assistance is also available in house.

Thavorn Beach Village Resort which was a 5-star resort was our abode in Phuket for the remaining two nights. The rooms were excellent and beyond our expectations. Our room was Equipped with Bath tub in room and a jacuzzi in the ocean view balcony. You will miss almost nothing if you prefer to stay at this property. It is connected to its private beach. The hotel offered free travel to certain places in Phuket city to the guests. Swimming pool is the best part of this hotel. The inhouse restaurant serves decent quality of Thai food.

We had connecting flights, so we took a cab to Ahmedabad airport. Next, from Ahmedabad, we caught a flight to Bangalore and and then, finally, we reached Phuket. Even though it was a bit of a hassle to change these many flights, but while enjoying a wonderful trip of 6 days in Thailand, every hassle took a backseat!

  • Always carry a high spectrum sunscreen lotion
  • A water resistant mobile pouch
  • Sunglasses, caps and hats
  • Dry snacks to satiate your hunger pangs
  • Stationery (pens and glue stick)& passport size photos for easy arrival visa formalities
  • Sunglasses
  • Do’s
  • Avail an international roaming plan with data for Thailand
  • Learn swimming for better snorkeling experience
  • It’s a good idea to travel with Thai Baht Currency in hand
  • Keep medicines along with prescription from a registered doctor
  • Keep at least one day blank at each destination to explore on your own
  • Book your package and flight well in advance
  • Plan to spend at least 5-6 days in Thailand


  • Don’t plan to exchange currency in Thailand, especially at Airports.
  • Better options and rates are available within India
  • Short clothes are not preferred while visiting temples so pack accordingly
  • Don’t plan everything yourself and through the internet. Take guidance of advisors from Travel Triangle. They have better knowledge and experience.

We had a great experience with TravelTriangle and our Thailand 6 days itinerary was designed in a perfect manner, just the way we wanted it to be. Moreover, all the agents were really helpful and we not at all pushy. From accommodation to sightseeing to food, everything was at par! Cheers to TravelTrianlge for making our budget trip to Thailand a fantastic one!

Little did we realise how how fast our 6 days in Thailand went by. Whichever place we visited, we had immense fun. Moreover, the itinerary provided designed by the professional team of TravelTrianlge had everything what we wish for and that too in our budget. With wonderful experiences and numerous memories, this trip will be etched in our hearts forever, If you also got moved by our spectacular experiences, and wait no more and plan a Thailand trip with TravelTriangle. Like us, we bet you will also have an unforgettable Thai vacation.


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Visit The World’s End At Horton Plains National Park

One of the most beautiful World Heritage Sites in the world is definitely the Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka. The park is spread over the two highest mountains in the area called Kirigalpotta and Totapola. The plateau-like structure along with plains on one end, thick forests and mountains on other make the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. You will find a number of waterfalls, lakes, rocky hills and views of the ocean in this part of the country. The forest is home to a number of wild animals and birds, however, most large animals remain elusive and unapproachable.

Horton Plains National Park Basic Info

Read on to know more about the Horton Plains Park, the only park in Sri Lanka where you can get out of your vehicle and take a walk in the wilderness, making hiking a star feature here.

Location: Sri Lanka
Area: 31.6 Sq. Km.
Opening Hours: 6 AM – 6 PM

How To Reach Horton Plains

By Air: You can fly to the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo from anywhere in the world.

By Road: The town of Nuwara Eliya usually serves as the point where most backpackers and travelers spend the night before starting early the next day to Horton Plains. The journey will take around two hours and is usually done in hired taxis or tuk-tuks. It is best to visit the park in a group of more than three people as the vehicle cost gets divided equally.

By Train: Horton Plains National Park in Ohiya is easily accessible from Haputale, Ella and Nanu Oya due to direct train services. There is a train station in the Ohiya village (10 KM away from the park entrance), another one is at Pattipola (highest railway station in Sri Lanka at around 6200 feet) on the way back to Nuwara Eliya from the park.

Entrance Board

There are a number of sites in this region which are free to access, however, the Horton Plains National Park entry fee is definitely on the costlier side if you are not from the country itself. Vehicle charges are levied separately (up to INR 500), which makes the park one of the most expensive places you can go to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Nationals: INR 30
Foreigners: INR 1150

Best Time To Visit Horton Plains National Park

The best time to visit the park is the start of the year, especially from January to March. The Horton Plains National Park weather is quite cloudy and misty around the year, however, the beginning of the year has less precipitation which leads to better views. You would also come across lesser crowds. It is also best to start early for your journey to the park and reach the World’s End by nine in the morning to ensure a good view.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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Wondering what to do in this beautiful paradise tucked away in Sri Lanka? We got you a list of the best activities in the park right here:

1. Wildlife Sighting

Wildlife Sighting

The national park is home to over 750 species of plants and around 150 animals. You can spot different types of ferns, orchids and lichens in the area. The forest is also home to Wild Boa, Purple Faced Langur, Sri Lanka Superfowl, Magpie, Wood Pigeon, Red Slender Loris among other animals. However, the birds and smaller animals are easier to be spotted, so much so that the place is considered to be a heaven for bird watchers.

A number of endemic species, native to these forests like the rhino horn lizard, Stripe-necked mongoose and giant squirrels can easily be spotted on hikes around this park in Sri Lanka. You will also find a handful of deer which make for a good photo opportunity. The Sri Lankan leopard is another beauty that only a few claim to have spotted here.

2. World’s End: Go hiking

natural beauty

The star attraction of this national park is the World’s End, which is where the plateau of the park comes to a sudden end and has a deep plunge of over 800 meters. On clear days, you can see Adam’s Peak from the World’s End. In fact, these mountains turn into plains which goes up to the ocean, around eighty kilometers away, which can be seen lurking in the horizon. Again, it is best to arrive at the World’s End in the morning to see clearer views. The natural beauty of this point is simply extraordinary.

The hike up to World’s End is an easy one. The trail is circular so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Around 9 kilometres long trek will reveal to you the beauty of Sri Lankan highlands.

3. Baker’s Falls: Click pictures!

Baker's Falls

A tributary of the river Belihuloya leads to these beautiful falls in the middle of the Horton Plains National Park. About 20 metres high, this frothy, misty collection of water makes for good pictures. The place is surrounded with plenty of flora crowding the basin.

4. Farr Inn: Enjoy a cup of coffee


This beautiful hunting lodge is the gathering place for most people to start their trek from. It is right next to the parking where you leave your vehicle and proceed on foot for the remaining trek. Once upon a time, the place served as a lodge for decorated British Officials but today, it houses a beautiful cafe and visitor center. You can spot different pictures displayed here of the local flora and fauna. There is a small souvenir shop nextdoor as well, where you can browse books related to the park and its history.

Intrigued? We bet you are! Plan a trip to Sri Lanka with your explorer buddies and head over to the Horton Plains National Park for a thrilling vacation! You’ll surely be surprised by the natural splendor and mysticism that this place carries.


Still confused? See these commonly asked questions to clear your doubts:

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3 Divine Temples In Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka For A Spiritual Escapade

While Sri Lanka is surely a beautiful tropical getaway, that’s not all there is to it. Hidden in this exotic paradise is a stunning hill station covered by carpets of lush green tree plantations that provides the country and the world with this famous supply of Ceylon Tea. Other than the tea, this place also serves as a great pilgrimage destination owing to the many places here that served as some of the other important sites in the popular Hindu saga Ramayana. You’ll find various temples in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, that have been built on these specific holy locations across the entire hill station.

Listed below are some of the prominent holy shrines in the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka that serve as an important pilgrimage site for people traveling to this country. Make sure they all figure in your itinerary when you’re taking a trip to this wonderful island nation set on the Indian Ocean with your loved ones.

1. Divurumpola Temple, Nuwara Eliya


15 km from Seetha Eliya, the Divurumpola Temple is the place where Sita underwent Agni Pareeksha. It is another prominent place to visit when you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka. The legal system of the state allows the dispute to be solved by swearing at the temple. While most are fascinated by the legend that surrounds this place, others are more interested in witnessing the grand and gorgeous white architecture of this holy shrine. But no matter what your purpose of visit is, you’d surely always be mesmerized by this place.

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2. Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple, Nuwara Eliya


45 minutes from Nuwara Eliya on the Kandy Road lies this temple. Adorned with nature magnificent nature views, this place is a must-visit during Dussehra in Sri Lanka. It is believed that this was the first place in Sri Lanka where Hanuman landed before starting the quest to look for Goddess Sita after she was kidnapped and before he gave her Lord Ram’s ring. Featuring a massive statue of Lord Hanuman in the middle of the temple complex, it’s a great place to visit for all ‘Hanuman bhakts’ in Sri Lanka, India, and other parts of the world.

Read More: Places To Visit In Wattala

3. Seetha Amman Temple

The famous Seetha Aman temple in Sri Lanka

Bathed in a sea of stunning colors, this is the most famous temple in Nuwara Eliya owing to its beautiful architecture and the place where it has been built. It is believed that the Seetha Amman temple has been built right at the place where the erstwhile Ashoka Vatika was located. It was at this place that Goddess Sita was kept during after she had been captured by the demon king Ravana of Lanka. Beneath the temple is a picture-perfect stream river that has on its banks the massive footprints of Lord Hanuman (highlighted in yellow) signifying where he had stood while handing Lord Ram’s ring to Goddess Sita to assure her that he was coming to rescue her. This is the one place in Sri Lanka that you must not miss if you wish to see the important places attached to the famous epic of Ramayana.

We bet you’re just as fascinated by all these serene temples in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka as we are! If you’re searching for a big dose of spirituality and peace, then you need to get to the lush environs of Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka right away! Visit the place where Goddess Sita was kept after she had been captured by Ravana. Just get in touch with the experienced travel experts at TravelTriangle who will happily plan your spiritual escapade to Sri Lanka. And once you’re back, don’t forget to write to us about your fabulous trip experience in the lap of nature and divinity.

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Monsoon In Sikkim: Explore The Unexplored Beauty Of Sikkim This 2019!

North East is the most beautiful part of India yet not explored fully by travelers. Sikkim, also called the Valley of Flowers is a beautiful state in North Eastern India. One can find both Buddhist Monasteries as well as Hindu Shrines here representing the beautiful culture of India. It is the smallest state of India yet the most beautiful valley with a variety of plants, waterfalls, animals, and rivers. Monsoon in Sikkim makes it all the more beautiful and worth visiting. There’s a lot to explore in Sikkim, whether it be pilgrimage tourism, heritage tourism, lakes, and glaciers or adventurous activities such as trekking.

Monsoon months in Sikkim are from May till September and one can see monsoon arrival in Sikkim in May. The rainy season is classified into two types in Sikkim i.e. Summer rains and Winter rains. Southern Part of Sikkim sees more of summer rains, whereas Northern part foresees winter rains during August and September. Sikkim becomes a more mesmerizing and beautiful place to visit in monsoon season. The place feels like heaven because of the scenic beauty that enhances all the more at the time of monsoons. One can spot rare species of birds at this time. Try visiting Southern Part of Sikkim at the time of winter rains and Northern part in the months of May and June because of the different time of monsoon in north Sikkim and south.

Sikkim is a beautiful place to visit. The place is not yet fully explored. Here is a list of places to visit during monsoon in Sikkim 2019.

1. Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake is located at a distance of around 147 km from Gangtok. The lake is famous as the wish-fulfilling lake and is sacred among both Hindus and Buddhists. The lake can be visited during any month but monsoon adds to the beauty and charm of the lake. One can find greenery all around. One mysterious and amusing thing about this lake is that it is in the shape of feet. There are hills around the place also which attracts many trekkers as well.

Location: Pelling, India
Famous For: Picnics, and treks around it

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Sikkim-Gangtok-Darjeeling Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Sikkim and explore Yumthang valley, Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok, Nathula Pass, and Pelling. Experience peace and tranquility while exploring Buddhist monasteries, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife sanctuaries. Book packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals.

2. Rabdentse Palace Ruins

Rabdentse palace ruins

It is a beautiful historical site. One has to travel through a forest area to reach this place. And this 10 minutes trek is without any doubt the best walk as one finds self in a lush green area. The ruins look all the more beautiful at the monsoon time in Sikkim as it adds a romantic charm to the place.

Location: Geyzing, Sikkim
Famous For: Sightseeing

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3. Darap Village


Explore the exotic beauty of Sikkim by visiting the Darap Village. One can have a wonderful homestay in this village. By staying in small cottages in monsoon season, one can enjoy a mesmerizing view of the valley. A traveler can experience the local culture of the place by staying in the village with the villagers. Do visit this place, and you will be totally lost in the beauty of the place surrounded by mountains in rains.

Location: Sikkim
Famous For: Sightseeing

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4. Enchey Monastery

Enchey Monastery

Enchey Monastery, now a religious center was established in the year 1909. It is believed that the deities of this monastery fulfill all the wishes by their devotees. One of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim and placed at a very high altitude, it provides a wonderful view of the rains on the mountain making the place worth a visit. One can get the best view of the Kanchenjunga Hills from here making a person feel blessed.

Location: Gangtok, Sikkim
Famous For: Sightseeing

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5. Pemayangtse Monastery

Pemayangtse monastery

This particular monastery is famous for its artworks and its architecture. You can get a complete view of the Parekh Chu watershed which looks even more pretty in rains. There is also a collection of sculptures and precious images inside the monastery. It is a must visit place for art lovers as you can find excellent pieces of art inside it.

Location: Sikkim
Famous For: Artworks collection

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6. Yuksom


It is an old and historic town located in the West of Sikkim. The place is bestowed with scenic beauty and is very famous among trekkers. If you just want to enjoy the beaut of this place, then you must visit Yuksom in Sikkim during monsoon, that is, in the months of June, September and November. Visit the royal palace by the name Tashi Tenka to get a relishing view of nature. You can also visit the Norbugang Park or the Khangchendzonga National Park. Explore Yuksom and find nature at its best.

Location: Sikkim
Famous For: Scenic vistas

7. Khangchendzonga National Park

Khangchendzonga National Park

This park is also known as the Kanchenjunga National Park and is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is located in the heart of the Himalayan Range and is famous for its natural beauty. The best month to visit this park is May. The park gets heavy snowfall almost all throughout the year making it an abode of beauty. The park is open 24 hours a day and one can click beautiful pictures of self as well as the surroundings here. You would without any doubt fall in love with the flora and fauna of this place. Beautiful flowers and around more than 500 species of birds surround you there. The national park is a must visit if you are visiting Sikkim.

Location: Sikkim
Famous For: Sightseeing, birdwatching

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  • Do not forget to rain-proof your entire luggage
  • Carry an umbrella and a raincoat with you
  • Carry your jackets and socks as the weather is cool there
  • Don’t forget to carry some packaged food with you
  • Carry your ID proofs and photographs with you as Sikkim requires certain permits
  • If traveling by road, hire an experienced driver as the slopes are steep in hilly areas
  • Carry your power banks with you to keep your phone charged as you might be stuck due to roadblocks in Sikkim
  • Travel safely as there are landslides in hilly areas
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid exposing yourself to direct winds

By Air
The nearest airport from Sikkim is Bagdogra Airport at a distance of around 124 km. From there you can travel by road. There is also Gangtok Airport nearby from where you can reach Sikkim.
Sikkim Helicopter Services are also at the rescue of tourists now. It takes only 20 minutes for it to cover one round between Gangtok and Bagdogra. And it costs around INR 3500 per person.

By Road
The road is the most convenient option to reach Sikkim. There are also bus services which connect Sikkim with neighboring towns and cities. National Highway 31A connects Sikkim with neighbouring towns such as Darjeeling, Bagdogra, Kalimpong, etc. Siliguri is the main gateway to Sikkim. Private taxi is the most convenient option available.

By Train
The train network is not so properly established. New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station, which is around 130 km from Gangtok. And further one has to travel by road to reach Sikkim.

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The North Eastern part of India is the most beautiful part of India, yet the most unexplored. The natural and scenic beauty of the place feels like heaven. Sikkim is one of the states in North East India which still remains the least explored one because of certain difficulties to reach the place. But if you love traveling to hills and getting mesmerized by the natural beauty of a place, then Sikkim should be on your travel list. The place looks more beautiful in monsoons. Monsoon in Sikkim brings out the true beauty of the place. So, now that you know more about Sikkim and North East India, plan a trip to Sikkim with TravelTriangle and enjoy the monsoon in Sikkim 2019 with your family.


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Reliving Our Childhood On A 6 Days Macau And Hong Kong Family Trip

After a joyous honeymoon experience in December 2016, Isha decided to book yet another trip with TravelTriangle where she could let her family unveil the beautiful secrets of Hong Kong. She booked a 5 nights 6 days Hong Kong tour package and set off to craft happy memories in the resplendent landscapes of the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. Here’s the full account of her family trip to Hong Kong that will instill instant wanderlust in your travel bug-bitten souls.

Trip Type: Family
Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days
Trip Cost: INR 3,37,500/-
Agent Name: Rupali Travels
Inclusions: Breakfast, English Speaking Driver, Airfare, Sightseeing, Entry Tickets, Airport Transfers, GST
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Visa

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: with her husband in disneyland

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: with her family in disneyland

Traveling to me means unwinding, relaxing, being carefree, and spending quality time with my loved ones. It is an opportunity to leave behind the hustle bustle of our day to day busy lives and explore a new culture, learn new stories, and have a new adventure to cherish forever.

Despite being a software developer with a hectic schedule, I always make sure to find time for a vacation that allows me to indulge in a mix of experiences – rejuvenation and exploration. I manage my work in such a way that allows me to visit new places, new attractions, and learn more about different people and their cultures.

For my family tip, I wanted a location that had something for everyone in my family – adventure parks, shopping for the ladies, sightseeing, theme parks, and a luxurious hotel. Belonging to the IT industry, I had heard of TravelTriangle on numerous accounts previously before finally booking my Mauritius honeymoon through the platform in December 2016. Recounting those utterly joyous experiences of my honeymoon, I knew I could trust TT with another trip!

Here’s an entire account of the adventures we had during our 5 nights 6 days family trip to Hong Kong.

Day 1: Half Day City Tour Of Hong Kong

We reached Hong Kong in the morning. We were met by a representative of our tour agent at the airport who escorted us to our hotel, the Regal Oriental, which turned out to be an average option with okayish services. Since check-in time was 2 PM, we had to wait for the formalities to complete and for us to get to our room.

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: at waterfront

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: HK Skyline

When we had finally freshened up in our room, we proceeded for a half day city tour of the city. We visited the encapsulating Victoria Peak where we enjoyed the mesmerising sunset that illuminated the city’s skyline. Next, we visited the quaint and traditional Aberdeen Fishing Village and clicked beautiful pictures. After a spot of shopping, we returned to our hotel.

Hong Kong & Macau Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Hong Kong and explore disney land, ocean park, wet land park, victoria’s peak and Lantau Island. Further, explore Macau tower, the Venetian resort, Senedo square and more in Macau.

Day 2: Having Crazy Fun At Disneyland

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: at Disneyland

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: tomorrowland exhibit

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: 3D show

The most awaited day of our Hong Kong family trip was here! We got ready excitedly and proceeded for the highlight of our trip – Disneyland. It is nothing less of a fairyland. Equally fun for all age groups, I and my family had loads of fun here and we just didn’t want to go back!

Day 3: Fun & Frolic Moments At Ocean Park

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: ocean park

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: ocean park rides

This was again a very enjoyable day for us. We had not expected Hong Kong’s Ocean Park to turn out this fun and adventurous! Ocean Park. The biggest oceanarium in Asia, Ocean Park bestowed us with a close encounter with marine creatures like seahorses, clownfish, dolphins, sharks, as well as sea lions playing tricks with the ball at the Ocean Theatre.

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: family in Ocean Park

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: isha and husband in ocean park

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: seeing panda in ocean park

The underwater tunnel and the shark gazing experience was simply out of this world. It’s a very enjoyable theme park with good roller coasters that everyone must visit with their families at least once.

Day 4: Ferry Ride To Macau & The Opulent Venetian Hotel

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: isha sightseeing in macau

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: sightseeing in macau

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: leisure time in macau

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: exploring macau

We packed our bags and checked out of the hotel after a nice breakfast. The ferry ride to Macau was a soothing, relaxing one, with glass-like water all around. Later, we checked into our hotel in Macau and spent the day in each other’s company.

Day 5: Half Day City Tour Of Macau

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: shopping

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: old city walls

This day was reserved for a half day city tour of Macau. We visited attractions like the historical Ruins of St. Paul’s, the revered Na Tcha temple, the magnificent Old City Walls, the majestic Mount Fortress, and the holy A-Ma Temple.

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: casino in macau

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: isha sister in law in hong kong

Later, we enjoyed some leisure time at our hotel. Our stay at The Venetian was simply magical and very opulent.

Day 6: Bidding Goodbye To Hong Kong & Macau

After a lovely breakfast at the hotel, we returned to Hong Kong via ferry. The ferry got us back to Hong Kong really early in the morning, and since no hotel provides transfers to the airport this early, we had to book our own cab to get to the airport. We believe this could have been avoided had this been told to us beforehand. We boarded our flight back to Delhi with happy memories.

isha aggarwal hong kong family trip: macau city tour

Well planned and executed, our fun packed Hong Kong family trip made us feel like we were reliving our wonderful childhood! Booking via TT was again a pleasant experience. From the quotes, customizations, attentiveness, to the prices, everything was great.

Our WOW Moments On The Trip: On time pickups | The Venetian hotel in Macau | Well planned itinerary | Disneyland | Ocean Park

Our Not-So-WOW Moments On The Trip: The so-so services and rude staff of Regal Oriental hotel in Hong Kong | One-hour delay in airport transfer upon arrival | Had to manage airport transfer for return flight on our own

Tips For Future Travelers:

  • Match your PAR form details with your passport alphabet to alphabet well in advance
  • Carry a hard copy of the PAR forms with you on the trip
  • Choose a hotel in Hong Kong that is not in the Kowloon city area (& that is not Regal Oriental!)
  • Don’t hesitate to customize your trip. You can tailor everything as per your convenience, right down to the dates, flights, attractions, to even the hotels
  • Stay at The Venetian if you’re visiting Macau

Looking for a delightful destination for your own family escapade? How about Hong Kong. Surely by now, you know how fun and frolic your holiday in Hong Kong can be! What are you waiting for? Book your Hong Kong family trip with TravelTriangle NOW!

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10 Best Resorts In Manali To Pamper The Nature Lover In You

Planning a trip to Manali? Make your holiday extra special by staying in the classiest, yet comfortable resorts in Manali that offer the best views and services. And the best part – you won’t have to waste hours on looking for these best resorts in Manali when we got them for you right here! From budget to luxury, these surreal abodes set in the lap of nature are the perfect options for those looking for the finest of everything – views, hospitality, class, services, price – on their Manali holiday.

Want the best of nature and luxury on a budget? Take a peek at the following resorts in Kullu Manali.

10. Whistling Pines Resorts And Spa

Whistling Pines Resorts & Spa

Situated at Naggar Highway Road, Whistling Pines Resort is a mere 15 minutes drive from the Mall Road Manali. Whistling Pines is among the best resorts in Manali near mall road owing to its modern, stylish interiors and rooms bathed in natural light, with splendid views of snow-capped peaks. The laughing red colors and abundant fresh air make the resort a cheerful and efficient place to stay in. The quick, friendly staff will make you feel at home. Surrounded by apple orchids and furnished with state-of-the-art amenities, a stay at Whistling Pine Resorts in Kullu Manali will surely leave an unforgettable mark on your heart.

Location: Naggar Highway, Shuru Road Manali, Jagatsukh, Manali Tehsil 175143
Prices Starting From: INR 2,117 onwar

Himachal Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Head to Himachal to witness lush valleys surrounded by snow-capped hills. Indulge in skiing, paragliding, and other adventure sports. Book holiday packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals to Shimla, Manali, Kasol, Dharamshala, and more.

9. Snowflakes Resort

Snow Flakes Resort

Another one among the best resorts in Manali for honeymoon, The Snowflakes Resort is located in an enormous area that is devoid of urban noise, distractions, and city chaos. The management and staff are always on their feet to help you with the smallest of things and make your stay comfortable. You are assured to have a first hand and premium hospitality experience during your stay at the Snowflakes Resort owing to their impeccable services and the most qualified professionals in the travel and hospitality industry.
Location: Nagar Road, Shuru, Prini, Manali Tehsil 175143
Prices Starting From: INR 2,694/-

8. Retro Valley Camping Resort

Retro Valley Camping Resort

Nestled in the heart of the charming city of Manali, the Retro Valley Camping Resort provides breathtaking views of the lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and meandering rivers. For all those who wish to wake up views like these, should stay at Retro Valley Camping resort at least once in their lives. Well maintained, furnished, and clean rooms along with nature activities hiking, bonfire, and even spa are easily available to guests here. Relish the chance of camping at one of the best new resorts in Kullu Manali surrounded by apple orchards and the sparkling Beas River.

Location: Aleo, New Manali, Manali, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 2,694/-

7. Quality Inn and Suites River Country Resort

Quality Inn and Suites River Country Resort in manali

Overlooking the stunning river Beas, this four star resort features 54 lavishly decorated and fully furnished rooms including two and four bedrooms, independent cottages, and duplex suites that are ideal for families and friends traveling together. One of the best resorts in Manali, Quality Inn Resort boasts of luxurious facilities like a bar, tea lounge, multi-cuisine restaurant, conference room, gymnasium, a speciality Spa, and a recreational area for kids.
Location: Nh – 21, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh., Manali, Manali Tehsil, 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 3,143/-

6. Citrus Manali Resorts

Citrus Manali Resorts in manali

Tucked in tranquil and natural surroundings far away from the hustle and bustle of the main Manali town, Citrus Manali Resort is one of the top resorts in Manali. Strategically located to offer its guests the finest of the valley, Citrus Manali Resorts has been designed with the right blend of natural splendor and grandiose hospitality, thus offering unparalleled comfort and luxury. Offering impeccable services and stunning views, Citrus is easily among the best resorts in Manali near river that leave its guests enthralled.

Location: Kullu Manali National Highway, Manali, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 4,298/-

5. Apple Country Resort

Apple Country Resort in manali

The Apple Country resort is one of the few luxury resorts in Manali which is located at a considerable distance from the main city so as to provide you the most tranquil environment away from the noisy and packed city. When here, you can dance away at its lavish discotheque, have a drink or two at the bar, enjoy stunning views of the valley and snowy peaks from your room, indulge in a special couple spa, and trek to Hidimba Devi temple on the resort’s arrangement. With full privacy guaranteed amidst gorgeous views and top-notch hospitality, Apple Country is the best resort in Manali for honeymoon.

Location: Log-Huts Area, Manali, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 5,645/-

4. Manuallaya -The Resort Spa In The Himalayas

Manuallaya -The Resort Spa in manali

Amongst the many 5 star resorts in Manali, Manu Allaya Resort and Spa is the most preferred one for families with kids, couples, and friends. The most attractive thing about Manu Allaya is the picturesque views of the river Beas and the Himalayas that can be seen from all the rooms of this resort. When here, don’t miss the spa and the complimentary massage which would indeed refresh your senses and send you into a trance. You can pick from a variety of rooms like the deluxe suite, royal suite, or the sunny side cottage. With Solang Valley a mere walking distance from here, it’s one of the best resorts in Manali for adventure seekers.

Location: Sunny Side, Chadiyari, Manali, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 5,965/-

3. Solang Valley Resort

Solang Valley Resort

If you wish to spend some time amid the clouds and snow covered peaks of Manali, then the Solang Valley Resort is the perfect choice for you! It is one of the best luxury resorts in Manali located close to the paradise for adventure seekers – Solang Valley. Apart from serving lip smacking delicacies at its Gazebo restaurant and entertaining its guests with vivid cultural programmes of Himachali folk dance, Solang Valley boasts of spectacular views of the white mountains and melting glaciers. Experience these mind blowing sceneries from your window and enjoy myriad adventure sports in the Solang Valley nearby. It’s also one of the best 5 star resorts in Manali near river Beas.

Location: Palchan, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 8,659/-

2. The Himalayan Resort Manali

The Himalayan pool

Boasting of the perfect mixture of cultural blends and nature’s serenity, The Himalayan is one of the best resorts in Manali. Its Victorian style interiors represent the right set of gothic elements and a modern era. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a candlelight dinner in this lavish abode. When it comes to rooms, you can choose from a variety of castle rooms built in an exotic medieval style and get teleported into a royal British era with a hint of modernism. Located very near to Manali’s famous market complex and the Hidimba Devi temple, the Himalayan Resort Manali is among the best luxury resorts in Manali.

Location: Hadimba Road, Manali, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 9,750/-

1. Span Resort And Spa

Span Resort & Spa exterior

Span Resort & Spa is an epitome of class, luxury, and serenity. It lets guests enjoy tranquility and calmness on the banks of river Beas where they can sit on those lush green lawns sharing hearty laughter with loved ones with a cup of tea. One of the best five star resorts in Manali, Span Resort and Spa takes special care of your every need with its pampering delights and complete privacy. They have a range of rooms which provide matchless views of the green gardens and snow clad mountains, as well as the melodious sound of river Beas. When staying at one of the finest luxury resorts in Manali, you have myriad opportunities for fun and leisure in the lap of nature.

Location: Manali Highway, NH-21, Baragran, Manali Tehsil 175131
Prices Starting From: INR 13,021/-

Picked your favourite out of these best resorts in Manali? Now all you have to do is book yourself a fancy room in these dreamy abodes and enjoy the fruits of nature on your unforgettable trip to Manali. Hurry!


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Wake Up To The Sounds Of Birds And Beasts At The New Lebua Corbett Hotel Set In A Jungle

Do you dream of waking up to the sight of a thick green jungle framed by mountains? Or of a place where you could have the sweet chirping of birds greet you in the morning rather than your irritating alarm clock? And maybe an occasional roar of a tiger far in the dis…..wait, what?

Well, the new Lebua Corbett set right at the edge of the Jim Corbett National Park will offer you all that, and much more!

Opening this weekend, this new addition to the park will give you every creature comfort you could want! The 44 lavish rooms and suites will each have its own garden, a share of the mighty forest, and a sprinkle of the stunning mountain views for you to enjoy with a cup of tea and a hearty conversation with loved ones.

Lebua Corbett tiger

There’ll also be complimentary wi-fi, but then who wants that when you have such magnificent views before you, and the chance to interact with the wilderness unlike anywhere else!

You can also indulge in a luxurious steam and spa therapy, chill in the jacuzzi, or take a dip in Lebua’s infinity pool. And if you need some alone time with your partner, you can let your kids have a gala time at the on-site kids’ activity center. Enjoy a drink or two at the other-worldly bar, and watch the mesmerizing hues of the sunset while having dinner at the multicuisine restaurant Azarak. You can even opt for a private dinner in your own tree-house or courtyard!

But then you won’t come here to stay indoors, will you? You will come here to explore the magical ecosystem surrounding Lebua Corbett and spend your day tracking tigers, clicking birds, or even interacting with elephants and deer over a walking tour of the forest. But the question you might ask is, how to go on about that? Which animals and birds to expect in the park and where to spot them?

Lebua Corbett deer

Guess what! Lebua can help you out with that as well! You can brush up your wildlife sighting and photography skills with a workshop organized by Lebua staff right before you head out. They can even arrange a mountain biking, horse riding, or village tour for you once you’re done and dusted with a safari.

Essentially, lebua’s is your all-natural abode in the jungle, but with all the luxuries you could possibly want in life! What better place to be in for a relaxing getaway with friends and family where the worries of work don’t follow you? Just set everything aside and book yourself a fantabulous trip to Jim Corbett where the luxuries of Lebua shall spoil you for life!

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Travel To Wellington In November To Explore The Capital Town Of NZ

The capital city and second most populous urban area of the beautiful nation of New Zealand, Wellington is quite popular and one of the most visited cities in the country today. Due to being home to several fascinating tourist attractions and business centers, this city welcomes travelers every day and throughout the year. On certain months though, its attractions appeal to tourists more thus they usually customize their itineraries accordingly. Here’s what Wellington in November has in store for you.

Best Time To Visit Wellington

Although you can visit Wellington round the year, November is one of the best months in which your visit to explore the attractions of this city will prove momentous. In addition, Wellington in November is perfect for hiking and several other outdoor adventure activities too. Your trip to Wellington in November could be a perfect gateway to this heaven on earth as its weather remains almost perfect during this period.

There are several things which you can do in Wellington during the month of November. However, the capital city of New Zealand can be explored around the year, but its weather remains perfect in the month of November.

1. Te Papa Museum

Te papa museum

If there is one museum which you must visit in New Zealand without fail, it is the famous Te Papa Museum and it should not be missed out anyway. This National Museum is a perfect destination to learn many things to remain abreast of every single detail about New Zealand. So, know about the history, culture, and land of this region.

Insider’s Tip: While touring Wellington in November, don’t forget to check out the mini-exhibition held under the Te Papa car park. Although only select few people are aware of it but it remains a perfect destination for those seeking more information about the country.

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Get the best of luxury and beauty on your honeymoon. Witness the magnificent New Zealand landscapes with your beloved or engage in thrilling adventure sports – rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, and sky diving. Book memorable honeymoon packages offered by TravelTriangle.

2. The Weta Cave

The Weta Cave

November is a great time to visit the incredulously appealing Weta Cave. The cave is also famous for multiple other reasons like it being the sight filmed for several movies. A mini museum and some shops nearby make one feel the invigorated atmosphere here. A Weta workshop there portrays the behind-the-scenes concept of the design and prop production. So, there are a couple of unique things to explore here.

3. Mt. Victoria Walk

Mt. Victoria Walk

To have a splendid view of the Wellington city during the month of November, you can plan on walking to Mt. Victoria for a clear unobstructed city view. One can begin from the eastern end of Courtenay Place. And once the Cambridge Terrace and Kent Terrace is crossed, walking along Majoribanks Street, one can see the Southern Walkway sign. Following the Summit Walkway from here is great fun, leading to a memorable experience.

4. Cuba Street Shopping

Cuba Street Shopping

Famous as a bit of a hipster or hippy joint, the Cuba Street welcomes the travelers to shop in quirky clothes stores and taste great food in the cafes and restaurants located nearby. One can click a few out of the box pictures there as memories. It is here that you can also check some sculptures to embrace the culture of this region. You can take a day out from sightseeing and adventure activities to go shopping on this popular street. Almost all shops deal into locally made products. You can buy a few pieces of stuff to take home as souvenirs and memories of your trip to Wellington in November.

5. Parliament Buildings Tour

Parliament Buildings Tour

You might be the one who admires politics as well as architecture. And if your reply is in affirmation, then you are in for a treat. A mere visit to the Parliament building through a free tour would let you know much about New Zealand politics and its political aspirations. Open for everyone to visit, the historic building is a sign of great architecture and heritage of this area.

6. Cable Car ride


Make your November tour to Wellington more meaningful by taking a cable car ride to the Botanic Gardens. Enjoy looking over the business area and much more during this ride. The ride costs NZ$7 per person. This short trip would be a memorable experience for years to come. As Wellington Cable Car remains a funicular railway service, the whole trip hardly takes 5 minutes for a one-way trip. Running between Lambton Quay and overviewing the Kelburn’s main shopping streets nearby the hills, it is a unique travel experience.

7. Have a drink

Have a Drink

It is a proven fact that Wellington prides itself on its craft beers besides a variety of cocktail bars and comedy entertainment options. Taste great wines in the bars and hotels nearby. Simply order your favorite drink and have it in the best of comforts on a November evening.

8. Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary

View of the Zealandia EcoSanctuary

Earlier known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, the famous Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area. It is the most frequently visited natural area in Wellington where tourists keep flocking every day. This 225-hectare sanctuary is filled with forest area, therefore, its lush green flora, fauna, and birds especially wild animals scintillate the travelers to spend some more time here. It also has a modern trailing area that too remains filled with forests and water bodies to make you feel in the lap of nature.

9. Wellington Waterfront

Wellington Waterfront

While you walk along the waterfront in Wellington during the month of November, you can witness several ice cream parlors lined up there. So, enjoy the ice cream as you walk alongside the waterfront. Crossing by the area you’ll come across several sculptures too. You can plan an exclusive weekend walking session here with your near and dear ones. Spend some quality time here and enjoy local food in the nearby eateries in your leisure time.

10. Go to the cinema

Go to the cinema

While you are in Wellington in November, don’t forget its climatic changes. This city is famous for its windy weather which changes rapidly at an impromptu. That is why it is also known as the “Windy Capital”. During the rainy days of November, prefer watching some good movie in the Wellington’s cinema theatres. The Reading Cinema on Courtenay Place is one amongst the many there. Likewise, Roxy Cinema in Miramar can also be preferred.

11. Enjoy local food

Enjoy local food

There is no dearth of eateries and restaurants in Wellington. Are you a foodie who loves tasting variety of delicious recipes? If you are the one, then for sure you should try some cheap eats in the local or intercontinental cuisines category in Wellington restaurants. Most of them serve food in affordable budget.

Apart from the parks, restaurants and historical buildings, the city of Wellington is blessed with several sandy beaches as well. Many of city’s restaurants and eateries prepare delicious and yummy dishes for which they use locally grown fresh ingredients. Furthermore, several beautiful gardens are also there in the city area that makes your November tours momentous. Book your trip to New Zealand with TravelTriangle and have a great time exploring the city in November.