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10 Best Things To Do In Casablanca For A Fun Trip In This Moroccan Land

In a city like Casablanca, one can surely not expect a variety of experiences that the other topnotch places like Marrakech have in store for the tourists. However, that is not entirely true. A legacy passed on by the French colonial period, you get to witness some spectacular works of architecture in the city’s most remote corners and the town of Old Medina is one of the favourite spots if you wish to explore the hidden paradise of the traditional essence that lingers on in the narrow streets.

So, while you’re planning to visit this glorious city of the grand Hassan II Mosque, take a look at some of the things to do in Casablanca as per your tastes and preferences!

It’s often said that before touring a place, one must get a fair idea of what all awaits them in the upcoming journey. Scroll down to know all about the fun experiences that this city has to offer!

1. Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

Recently completed in the year 1993, the Hassan II Mosque is considered to be second largest mosque in the world, which is approximately 689 feet in height. This place is one of the few iconic mosques that can be visited by people belonging to non-muslim religion as well. While there’s no shortage of space in this mosque built on the coast of an ocean, it is said that this place can accommodate approximately 25,000 worshippers! What’s more is that the glass floor beneath gives them the feeling of being right above the sea.

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2. Magic Lamp Tours

Magic Lamp Tours

If you wish to explore one of the most fun things to do in Casablanca, go for a Magic Lamp tour. This tour offers all the guests an opportunity to visit and experience the less popular areas of Casablanca, through the stories passed on to these professionals by their grandmothers. Ranging from a number of exquisite places like the vast stretch of desert in Morocco to the royal palaces, you’ll feel as if there’s more to this place yet to discovered each time while entering the remote corners of this city! You can also opt for day trips to the nearby villages to witness the lifestyle of the locals from up close.

3. Old Medina

Old Medina

A beautiful match of a sneak into the past of this Moroccan city and finding yourself touring the most delightful alleyways, Old Medina is one place you ought to visit if you wish to try things to do in Casablanca, Morocco. Witnessing the daily life of kids running around the streets and vendors selling all kinds of supposed treasures that one can find here in the form of souvenirs, trinkets and jewelry, this place never fails to surprise you. One of the best places that you can visit amid the scenic Old Medina is the Berber Mosque, to capture its scenic charm.

4. Casa Tramway

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Casa tramway is one of the soothing ways to experience the true essence of Casablanca’s pace, as this tram has approximately 48 stations to guide you through the city. This recently opened tram in the year 2014, makes the whole city tour worthwhile, especially due to the low prices of the tickets. If you plan to travel in one, do ask your respective hotel staff to inform you about the nearest stop and from where you can buy the tickets, you’ll be surprised to know the city through the tinted windows of this tram.

5. La Corniche

La Corniche

Serving an array of authentic cuisines, the restaurants at the La Corniche district have more to offer than you can expect. With so many options for dining and an easy access to the beach, one wouldn’t think twice to visit this surfers paradise. You can also go for a nice swim in the soothing waters or simply unwind at the beach for some sunbathing time. Its close proximity to the Hassan II Mosque makes the place even more tempting for a visit. One can also go for a calming beach walk at this less traditional vacation spot in Casablanca, Morocco in Africa.

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6. Sky 28

Sky 28

Image Courtesy: Sky 28 Facebook

You haven’t really been to Casablanca if you don’t try a luxurious experience like sitting at a bar which overlooks the city serving you a fresh dazzling cocktail. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? A good option for all the party-goers, this bar has an entertaining ambience at night with a view of the illuminating city of Morocco. What’s more is that there are certain live performances here that will keep you well occupied to the rhythm and tunes of their delightful music. This place definitely tops the list of things to do in Casablanca in March for all kinds of travelers!

7. Ain Diab

Ain Diab

If you’re looking for more luxurious experiences in the city, well, head straight to Ain Diab, which is also famous for being associated with a common saying, ‘where the rich come to swim’. Offering traditional styled hotels, Ain Diab will give you an original Morocco experience letting you a sneak into the old ways of the city of Casablanca. Perfect for a weekend getaway from the bustling city, visitors like to try a swim in the soothing waters during the summer season, which are otherwise very cold. With so many places to chill with your folks at night, Ain Diab has various options and tops the list of things to do in Casablanca at nightfor some extraordinary fun close to the beach, but sadly only few of these places serve alcohol.

8. Place Mohammed V

Place Mohammed V

Known as the administrative hub or the central place of Morocco, tourists get to witness the fine architectural work of Henri Post in this place. Dotted along the place are some of the major works of this architect such as the public buildings and law courts of Morocco. One can spot the magnificent statue of Marshal Lyautey in the square, who was the first French Resident-General of Morocco. The square also boasts a splendid fountain built in 1976, which displays a perfectly mesmerizing water show at times.

9. Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall

A combination of modern and traditional side of Morocco can be seen in one of the biggest shopping hubs in the whole of Africa. Serving a variety of entertainment for all kinds of travelers, including couples and families, this place has so many things to do on board, not to forget the exclusive brands like Dior and H&M are also on board here. You can spot a shark in the aquarium in the mall or try the indoor ice-skating after an extravagant shopping spree with your pals. Don’t miss out on the indoor souk here which offers multiple cool things to buy in the city!

10. Twin Center

Twin Center

The twin towers located in Casablanca are surely nothing less than a sight to behold. Besides the fact that they have a restaurant overlooking the entire city on the 27th floor, which you ought to visit, the five-star Kenzi Tower Hotel is one of the fabulous hotels that you can stay in this city! One can surely enjoy dining in the La Grande Casa restaurant or go shopping at the lower level at the grand shopping centre that these towers are connected through. Even if it is to just view the grand structure of these towers, travelers consider visiting this place as one of the best things to do in Casablanca!

Sounds exciting? Well, to get a closer look of all these fun activities, one must travel and experience all of them firsthand. Plan a trip to Africa for an amazing vacation experience with your friends and family and who knows how this city will be just the right way to surprise your loved ones! So, go ahead and take your pick from the ultimate things mentioned in the list above! Happy Tripping!

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20 उदयपुर दर्शनीय स्थल जो आपका सफर यादगार बना देंगे!

उदयपुर भारत का ऐसा शहर जो उत्कृष्ट और शानदार महलों के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। अगर आप उदयपुर दर्शनीय स्थल की यात्रा करने आऐंगे तो, यकीनन आपको कुछ समय के लिए राजा-महाराजाओं जैसा आभास होने लगेगा। मनोरम सौंदर्य से लोभित नज़ारा आपके मन को एक ऐसी स्मृति से भर देगा जिसे आप चाहकर भी भुला नहीं पाएंगे।

उदयपुर में मौजूदा राजस्थानी संस्कृति में रंग जाने का एहसास आपको अपनी ओर खींचकर ले आएगा। आइए अब उदयपुर दर्शनीय स्थल की सूची पर ध्यान एकत्रित करें:

1. पिचोला झील (Pichola Lake)

पिचोला झील

वैसे तो यह एक कृत्रिम झील है पर इसका प्राकृतिक दृश्य देखकर आपको यह किसी वास्तविक झील से कम नहीं लगेगी। संध्या के समय नाव की सवारी किए बिना आपकी यह यात्रा अधूरी है क्योंकि, इस सवारी से आपको एक अनोखा नज़ारा देखने मिलेगा। शाम के वक्त इमारतों और पानी पर पड़ती सूरज की किरणों से हर तरफ का नज़ारा सुनहरा हो उठता है और आप इसकी शोभा देखकर मोहित हो जाएंगे। प्रकृति प्रेमियों को ये जगह भा जाएगी।

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2. सिटी पैलेस (City Palace)

सिटी पैलेस

पिचोला झील के किनारे बसे इस महल को राजस्थान का सबसे बड़ा महल माना जाता है। बड़े-बड़े आलीशान कमरे, हैंगिंग गार्डन, संग्राहलय आपको एक उच्च कोटी के राज घराने का एहसास कराऐंगे। महल की अद्भुत मूर्तियां और रंग-बिरंगी तस्वीरें आपको नये ढंग से इसके इतिहास से परिचय कराएगी। अगर आप प्राचीन काल के विषय में जानने के इच्छुक हैं तो आप यहाँ आकर महाराना उदय सिंह के बारे में जानकर अपनी जानकारी में वृद्धि कर सकते हैं।

3. सज्जनगढ़ पैलेस (Sajjangarh Palace)

Sajjangarh Palace in Udaipur

उदयपुर की सरहद पर बसा यह महल मेवाड़ वंश का स्थल है। इस महल का नाम इसके संरक्षक महाराना सज्जन सिंह के नाम पर पड़ा। यह महल अरावली की पहाड़ियों की ऊँचाई पर बनाया गया ताकि मानसून के बादलों का पता लगाया जा सके और यही कारण हैं कि इसे मानसून महल भी कहा जाता है। इतनी ऊँचाई पर बसे होने के कारण आप यहाँ से पूरे शहर का दृश्य देख सकते हैं। ऊँचाई से शहर के टिमटिमाते छोटे-छोटे घर रात में इस दृश्य में चार चाँद लगा देंगे।

4. फतह सागर झील (Fateh Sagar Lake)

फतह सागर झील

उदयपुर दर्शनीय स्थल में इस झील का नाम भी शुमार है। यह उदयपुर की दूसरी बड़ी झील है। इसकी असीम सुंदरता आपके मन को सुकून देगी, ऐसा सुकून जो आप कहीं और नहीं पा सकेंगे। खूबसूरती की चादर ओढे़ आपकी चाहत इस जगह के प्रति और बढ़ जाएगी। नाव में सैर और कई अन्य जल संबंधी खेल आपका भरपूर मनोरंजन करेंगे।इसे तीन भागों में बाँटा गया है जिसमें- नेहरू पार्क, नाव के आकार का रेस्टोरेंट, बच्चों के लिए ज़ू आदि शामिल है।

5. विन्टेज कार म्यूज़ियम (Vintage Car Museum)

Vintage Car Museum

उदयपुर के प्रसिद्ध दर्शनीय स्थल में महाराणा प्रताप के वंशजों द्वारा चलाया गया ये संग्राहलय भी सम्मिलित है। मेवाड़ के आलीशान राज घराने की झलक इसमें भरपूर दिखती है। कारों के कुछ ऐसे मॉडल आपको यहाँ देखने मिलेंगे जो बेहद अनूठे है।ये सभी कारें देखकर आप इस बात का अंदाज़ा बखूबी लगा सकते है कि राजा-महाराजा इनके बेहद शौकीन रहे होंगे। अगर आप कारों के प्रति अपने मन में उत्सुकता रखते हैं तो आपको यहाँ ज़रूर आना चाहिए क्योंकि ऐसे विलुप्त मॉडल अब आप कहीं और तो देख पाएंगे नहीं।

6. जगदीश मंदिर (Jagdish Temple)

जगदीश मंदिर

सिटी पैलेस में स्थित ये भगवान विष्णु का मंदिर है। मंझे हुए कलाकारों ने यहाँ की मूर्तियों को पत्थर पर इस प्रकार उकेरा है जैसे अभी ये बोल पड़ेंगी। यहाँ का शांतिपूर्ण वातावरण यात्रियों को अपनी ओर खींचता है। यहाँ की मुख्य मूर्ति जिसमें विष्णु को चार हाथों वाला बनाया गया है वो केवल एक ही काले पत्थर द्वारा बनाई गई है। इस मूर्ति को चार छोटी मूर्तियों ने घेर रखा है जो भगवान गणेश, सूर्य भगवान, शक्ति की देवी और शिव जी की है।

7. दूध तलाई म्यूज़िकल गार्डन (Dudh Talai Musical Garden)

दूध तलाई म्यूज़िकल गार्डन

इसकी आधुनिक वास्तु कला और संगीतमय फव्वारा पूरे राजस्थान में आकर्षण का केंद्र है। लोग इसे दीनदयाल पार्क के नाम से भी जानते है। अगर आप यहाँ आकर एक मनोरम नज़ारा देखना चाहते है तो केबल कार में बैठकर सूर्यास्त का दृश्य देखिए जो आपको बेहद सुहाना लगेगा और यही कारण है कि यात्री इस जगह खिंचे चले आते है। यह हफ्ते के सातों दिन खुला रहता है तो, आप किसी भी दिन जाकर ढलते सूरज की तस्वीर अपने कैमरे में कैद कर सकते है।

8. जैसामंद झील (Jaisamand Lake)


यह देश की दूसरी सबसे बड़ी कृत्रिम झील है जो जैसामंद वन्य जीव अभ्यारण से घिरी हुई है। आप इस झील के चंचल पानी को स्पर्श करने के साथ-ही-साथ वन में मौजूद कुछ अनोखे जीव और घूमंतू पक्षियों को देखने का अवसर भी प्राप्त कर सकेंगे। सोचिए इस शांत माहौल में चिड़ियों की चहचहाहट कितने मधुर संगीत की तरह लगेगी। इस झील का निर्माण राजा जय सिंह द्वारा 17वीं शताब्दी में करवाया गया था।राजा द्वारा करवाया.गया यह कार्य बेहद तारीफ-ए-काबिल है।

9. गुलाब बाग व ज़ू (Gulab Bagh And Zoo)

Rose Garden

यह ज़ू गुलाब बाग में स्थित है। यहाँ विभिन्न प्रकार के गुलाब देखने को मिलेंगे। बाग में ही एक छोटा ज़ू है जिसमें कुछ चुनिंदा जीवों को रखा गया है और बच्चों के आकर्षण के लिए यहाँ टॉय ट्रेन भी है। साथ ही बाग में कमल तलाई नामक एक कृत्रिम जल धारा भी है जिसके पास बैठकर आप शांति प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। धार्मिक अनुभूति के लिए इसके अंदर नवलखा महल है जो बुज़ुर्गों को भक्ति में डूबोएगा। अगर आप इस एक जगह आते है तो आप एक ही साथ अलग-अलग रुचियों के स्थान देख पाएंगे।

10. सहेलियों की बाड़ी (Saheliyon-Ki-Bari)

The lotus pool at Saheliyon Ki Bari makes it a popular place to visit in Udaipur

फतह सागर झील के किनारे पर स्थित इस अत्यंत सौंदर्य पूर्ण बगीचे का निर्माण महाराणा संग्राम सिंह ने करवाया था। जैसा कि आप नाम से समझ पा रहे होंगे कि इसे उन सहेलियों के लिए बनवाया गया था जो विवाह के पश्चात राजकुमारी के साथ आई थी। फूलों की बिछी चादर,पानी के फव्वारें इस जगह को रमणीय बनाते है। सभी का मानना यह है कि अगर उदयपुर में सबसे मनोरम कोई जगह है तो वो यही है जहाँ आप अपने परिवार और मित्रों के साथ या अकेले भी जा सकते हैं।

11. इकलिंगजी मंदिर (Eklingji Temple)

_Ikalingji Temple

यह मंदिर भगवान शिव को समर्पित है जो उदयपुर से 22 किमी की दूरी पर स्थित है। इसकी अदम्य वास्तुकला आपको अचंभित कर देगी। यही कारण है कि यह पर्यटक स्थलों में अव्वल दर्जे पर आता है। यह दो मंज़िला मंदिर है जिसकी छत को पिरामिड का आकार दिया गया है। मंदिर के बरामदे में घुसते ही आपको चाँदी से बनी सुंदर नंदी की प्रतिमा देखने को मिलेगी। अंदर भी दो प्रतिमाएँ मिलेंगी, जिनमें एक काले पत्थर की बनी है और दूसरी पीतल से। मंदिर में शिव जी की चतुर्मुखी मूर्ति है, जिसे काले मार्बल से बनाया गया है। यह 50 फीट की विशाल प्रतिमा है।

12. नाथद्वारा मंदिर (Nathdwara Temple)

shri hari temple

राजस्थान के उदयपुर जिले से 42 किलोमीटर उत्तर-पूर्व की ओर स्थित नाथद्वारा शहर, जो कभी सिहाड़ ग्राम के नाम से जाना जाता था, में प्रभु श्रीनाथजी मन्दिर में विराजमान हैं श्रीनाथजी।अतुलनीय कलाकृति व सुंदर मूर्तियों क सौंदर्य देखते ही आँखों में भर लेने का मन करता है। भक्तों की श्रद्धा इतनी गहरी है कि वे समय निकालकर बस यहाँ आ जाना चाहते हैं। भक्ति-भाव व शांति का माहौल इसकी सबसे आकर्षक बात है।

13. जग मंदिर पैलेस (Jag Mandir Palace)

_Jag Mandir Palace

इस्लामिक वास्तुकला से बने इस महल का अन्य नाम है – “द लेक गार्डन पैलेस”। इसे संगमरमर व पीले बलुआ पत्थर से बनाया गया है। इसे आठ भव्य आकार की हाथी की मूर्तियों ने घेर रखा है, मानो ये हाथी इसकी रखवाली कर रहें हों। पिचोला झील के दक्षिणी द्वीप पर यह सौंदर्यपूर्ण महल स्थित है। चारों ओर झिलमिलाता पानी व उसके बीच में यह अद्भुत चमकता महल अपनी सुंदरता की गवाही देता है।

14. बड़ा महल (Bada Mahal)

_Big castle

राजपूत व मुगल वास्तुकला द्वारा बना ये महल वो हिस्सा है जो मुख्य रूप से आदमियों के लिए बना है। चारों ओर से सुंदर बगीचे से सजा महल वातावरण को शोभित कर देता है। राजस्थान के ऐतिहासिक महलों में शामिल यह महल अपनी प्राचीनता को बनाए रखते हुए भी आज एक आकर्षक दर्शनीय स्थल है। इसके सुंदर बगीचों के वजह से इसको गार्डन पैलेस भी कहा जाता है।

15. महाराणा प्रताप स्मारक (Maharana Pratap Samarak)

Maharana Pratap Memorial

भारतीय इतिहास के महान योद्धा का राजस्थान में बहुत महत्व है। यह स्मारक उनकी वीरता की गवाही देता है। फतह सागर झील के किनारे पर इस स्मारक को बनाया गया है। चेतक पर बैठे महाराणा प्रताप अपने शौर्यवान बलिदान की गाथा कहते हैं। 11 फीट ऊँची इस प्रतिमा को पीतल से बनाया गया है। उदयपुर आकर इस प्रतिभावान मूर्ति को देखना अपने आप में एक अलग ही गर्व की बात है।

16. शिल्प ग्राम (Village Shilp)

Craft Village

भारत के राज्यों में राजस्थान एक ऐसा राज्य है जो कला आदि को बहुत महत्व देता है और यहाँ की कला है भी बेहद प्रसिद्ध। कला हो या हस्तकला या पारंपरिक नृत्य व संगीत, कठपुतलियों के नाटक आदि – ये सभी आधुनिकता के बावजूद भी अपना अस्तित्व बनाए हुए है। उदयपुर से 3 किमी की दूरी पर हवाला गाँव के निकट यह स्थित है। आपको उत्तम श्रेणी की कलाकारी देखने का अवसर प्राप्त होगा।

17. नेहरू गार्डन (Nehru Garden)

Nehru Garden

फतह सागर झील के बीचों-बीच बसे इस बगीचे में विभिन्न प्रकार के पानी के फव्वारे हैं जो मैसूर के बृंदावन गार्डन से मिलते-झुलते हैं। कल्पना कीजिए एक तैरते हुए रेस्टोरेंट की जो नाव के आकार का हो। रुकिए, आपको कल्पना करने की बिल्कुल ज़रूरत नहीं है क्योंकि यह हकीक़त है। आप रेस्टोरेंट में बैठे खाने का लुत्फ़ उठा रहे हो और आस-पास हो सुंदर नज़ारा। वाह! इसका तो कोई जवाब ही नहीं।

18. भारतीय लोक कला म्यूज़ियम (Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal)

Indian Folk Art Museum

उदयपुर का ये संग्राहलय बहुत मशहूर है। राजस्थानी संस्कृति को बनाए रखने का स्त्रोत जो आपको मेवाड़ इलाके की अद्भुत विरासत का नमूना दिखाएगा। यहाँ कुछ पारंपरिक वस्तुएँ व कलाकृतियाँ को सँजो के रख गया है। यह कला शिक्षा का केंद्र भी है जहाँ स्थानीय कलाकर व अन्य लोग कला साहित्य के बारे में जानते व समझते हैं। यहाँ आकर आप खुद को भाग्यशाली समझेंगे क्योंकि इतनी अद्भुत कलाकारी आपको यहाँ देखने को मिलेगी।

19. अमब्रई घाट (Ambrai Ghat)

Umbrai Ghat

उदयपुर का सबसे चर्चित घाट जिसे मंझी घाट भी कहा जाता है। सुबह-सुबह यहाँ आपको स्थानीय लोग योगा करते व स्नान करते हुए दिखेंगे। सिर्फ स्थानीय लोग ही यहाँ पर्यटकों का भी खूब आना-जाना होता है। शाम के वक्त आप यहाँ बैठकर शहर की टिमटिमाती लाईटों को देखकर अपनी शाम को खूबसूरत बना सकते हैं। आरती का मधुर स्वर वातावरण को धार्मिक बना देता है।

20. हाथी पोल बाज़ार (Haathi Pol Bazaar)

Elephant Pole Market

अपनी खरीदारी करने की इच्छा को आप यहाँ आकर पूरा कर सकते है। यहाँ आपको चर्चित ब्रैण्ड से लेकर स्थानीय वस्तुएँ मिलेंगी। राजस्थान की पारंपरिकता को झलकाती वस्तुएँ, रंग-बिरंगे हाथ से रंगे राजस्थानी दुपट्टे, चाँदी के आभूषण, सजावटी सामान आदि। यह बाज़ार मुख्य रूप से मिनीएचर पेंटिंग, इच्छवई पेंटिंग व रेशम के कपड़े पर हाथ से की गई पेंटिंग के लिए मशहूर है। यहाँ से आप एक अच्छी याद घर ले जा सकते हैं।

उदयपुर के पर्यटन आपको राजा-महाराजाओं के तौर-तरीकों, उनकी रुचियों, इतिहास, आदि से पूर्णतः अवगत करवा देंगे। शानदार, आलीशान महलों को देखकर आप तृप्त हो जाएंगे और कुछ पलों के लिए ये पूरी तरह भूल जाएंगे कि आप कहीं और से यहाँ विचरण करने आए हैं क्योंकि कुछ ही पलों में इस जगह ने आपको अपना बना लिया होगा। एक बार अवश्य यहाँ आकर खुद को इस जगह के हवाले करके देखिए। अपनी उदयपुर यात्रा के लिए ट्रैवल ट्राऐंगल से बुकिंग कीजिए।

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10 Amazing Villas In Cyprus For A Home-Like Stay In The Beautiful Country

The island country of the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is everything your bucket list needs to have. From beautiful beaches to the picturesque sightseeing places around the country, the list of “things to do” is quite long. While the majority of people tend to visit this country because of its wide range of places it has to offer, there are also a number of shortcomings that could affect the experience of your visit there. The main one being the accommodation. Cyprus is not a very cheap holiday destination, so if you are on the lookout for the villas in Cyprus, you need to ensure that you book the places beforehand to get a hefty discount. In this read, we are going to be discussing the top rated villas in Cyprus you absolutely need to know about.

1. The Love Holiday House

The Love Holiday House

Built at an altitude of around 1000m, the Love Holiday House is definitely one of the most popular villas around Cyprus. The villa is located in the quaint village of Tris Elias. This villa is the one which is home to a beautiful terrace and obviously, a poolside too. If you have been on the lookout for the luxury villas in Cyprus with private pool that oversees the beautiful Troodos Mountain, this is definitely the one you need to look out for. The kitchen is more or less well equipped with all the essential equipment you will need to make your stay comfortable. It also does come with its own free parking site and also comes with free Wi-fi. Linasson has located around 50 km and Coral Bay is a mere 40 km away from the villa which is an added bonus.

Location: Treis Elies, Tris Elies, Limassol 4846, Cyprus
Rating: 4.7/5

2. Spitiko


Next on the list of the best private villas in Cyprus is Spitiko. This place is not just known for its magnificent terrace and the balcony, but also for the amazing services and amenities that come along with it. This specific holiday home comes with one bedroom, a flat screen television and even a fully equipped kitchen that helps provide you with all the amazing experience you need while your stay there. Even the bathroom is completely equipped with all the essentials so you dont necessarily have to face any kind of problem. You can start your morning with the widespread of continental breakfast and even skiing is a good possibility there. Kakopetria is located around 26 km away while Platres is located just 19 km away.

Location: Treis Elies, 4846 Tris Elies, Cyprus
Rating: 4.5/5

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3. Christys Palace Hotel

Christys Palace Hotel

The Christys Palace Hotel is located centrally in the Pedoulas Village and is a family run business which ensures amazing hospitality. The rooms in the villa offer beautiful rooms that come around with free Wifi and also a flat screen TV in each of the rooms. As mentioned before, this villa is known around the place for its warm hospitality. The kitchen around is loaded with a mini fridge and the essentials one might need. Not just that, you can even request for the necessary items if you have a child accompanying you. The guests are welcomed with a cup of steaming coffee or tea. The outdoor terrace with the entwined vines further adds to the beauty of the villa. The beautiful cities of Nicosia and Limassol are located a mere 70 minutes drive away.

Location: 45 Philoxenias, 2850 Pedoulas, Cyprus
Rating: 4.

4. Themis House

Themis House

If you have been on the lookout for villas in Cyprus with heated pools, the Themis House is actually a good option for you to venture into. Encompassed with the blazing lush greenery all around, the Themis House has been recently renovated. The building is built completely with stonewalls along with scenic beauty of the Troodos Mountains. It is situated in the beautiful village of Lemythou which is around 25 minutes away from Kykkos Monastery. Along with free WiFi connection, the villa also does come with a balcony and a terrace that helps you overlook the beautiful place around. The kitchen in each of the unit is loaded with essential equipment and even allows you to have a spa bath. Enjoy in the outdoor pool as well.

Location: Lemithou Troodos Mountain, 4844 Lemithou, Cyprus
Rating: 4.8/5

5. KHG Stone Wood Cottages

KHG Stone Wood Cottages

Many people tend to prefer the quaint and comfortable private villas in Cyprus but even the cottages are just as beautiful around the place. It is located just 200 m away from the center of the popular Kato Platres Village, this specific one comes with an outdoor pool which is definitely what you need for an amazing stay there. This is a self-catering accommodation that overlooks the beautiful Toodos Mountain. Each one of the cottages comes with its own kitchenette and television as well. It has two separate bedrooms which further add to the beauty.

Location: 2, Chrysostomou M. Tornariti street, 4815 Platres, Cyprus
Rating: 3.8/5

6. Casale Panayiotis

Casale Panayiotis

Next on the list of the luxury villa in Cyprus is the Casale Panayiotis. It is located on the slopes of the Troodos Mountain, in between the Marathasa Valley. It is known to be the perfect fusion of the traditional houses with the modern amenities which is exactly what makes it so amazing. Apart from the common amenities and services, the place even has a spa center and elegant rooms. The spa center comes with treatment rooms, sauna and steam rooms as well.

Location: 80 Markou Drakou, 2862 Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus
Rating: 4.5/5

7. Anastous Traditional House

Anastous Traditional House

Yet another one of the popular villas in Cyprus which is located on a mountain is the Anastous Traditional House. It is located in the Kalopanayiotis village and each of the units is overloaded with all the essential amenities one would need for their stay. The most peaceful spot around the place is the beautiful garden filled terrace. The place also hosts the breakfast every morning for their guests, providing them with the authentic taste of Cyprus.

Location: Anefanis, 2862 Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus
Rating: 4.

8. Riverside Suite

Riverside Suite

If you have been on the lookout for the private villas in Cyprus with pool, the Riverside Suite definitely beats all the odds. Even this is located in the Kalopanayiotis village and has its own kitchen and seating area. Kakopetria is located just 31 km away from the suite and even the airport is located close by. If you have been on the lookout for a suite that overlooks the natural beauty of Cyprus, this is the one.

Location: 15 Ayiou Andronikou, 2862 Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus
Rating: 3.7/5

9. Kalopanayiotis Cottage

Kalopanayiotis Cottage

The Kalopanayiotis Cottage is a complete stone built cottage which is definitely what makes it one of the most popular cottages around in Cyprus. It is located in the Marathasa Valley and is located centrally around the village. It is located just 300 m away from Old Cinema Tavern and around 500 m away from the Casale Panayiotis. It comes associated with all the required amenities, right from things of entertainment to the requirements in the kitchen.

Location: 10 Kosta Loizou Street, 2862 Kalopanayiotis, Cyprus
Rating: 4.7/5

10. Irenes House

Irenes House

Last on the list of the amazing private villas in Cyprus is the Irenes House. It is located in the old town of Kakopetria and comes with its own amenities like that of the spa house too. The private balconies overlook the beautiful view of the river along with the Troodos Mountain. You can find the local cafes and taverns around if you want to experience the local beauty of the place around.

Location: 42 Paleas Kakopetrias, 2800 Kakopetria, Cyprus
Rating: 4.5/5

Villas around Cyprus definitely live up to all the expectations. If you want to experience the local life and beauty of the place, make sure that you book everything beforehand to get the best deals around. So, plan an international trip and visit Cyprus!

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5 Magnificent Monuments In Bentota, Sri Lanka You Must Check Out

The beach capital of Sri Lanka, Bentota, is one of the most famous coastal areas and cities in Sri Lanka that boasts of some of the most beautiful shores in this island nation. Born out of Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences owing to the colonial rule here long ago, this city has managed to retain its natural charm and splendor despite the various posh and modern sky-high buildings cropping up here. Though it’s rich in natural beauty and is rather laid back as compared to Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, it still has plenty of leisure facilities, high-end restaurants, hotels and resorts, healthcare amenities, entertainment options, and an amazing nightlife. However, it’s the natural charm and beauty that brings people here from far and wide instead of the urban chaos and modernization. Amidst these natural environs like mangrove forests, beaches, and jungles you will also find various parts of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage and culture in terms of the many monuments in Bentota that stand intact to remind us of this country’s glorious past! Exploring heritage sites, ancient architecture, and holy shrines amidst absolutely natural settings will surely be a unique and dreamy experience for you and your loved ones.

A paradise for beach bums, this Sri Lankan town is known for its rather imposing set of monuments that make heads turn and draw tourists here even if they had just come here to bask in the golden beaches in the first place. Some of the most notable and visit-worthy monuments standing in this city in strategic and beautiful locations in Bentota include the Barberyn Island Lighthouse, Kande Viharaya, Kechimalai Mosque, Masjid Ul Abrar, and Kalutara Bodhiya. We have provided some information about all of these in this write-up so that you can plan your holiday to these points of interest in Sri Lanka accordingly.

Don’t miss out on the fabulous experience of exploring these stunning monuments located in Bentota in Sri Lanka. Each of these is unique and will provide you and your travel companions with you an in-depth knowledge of the interesting history and heritage of this island nation.

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1. Barberyn Island Lighthouse


Situated on Barberyn Island, this lighthouse, which is also referred to as ‘Beruwala Light’, is a beautiful 10-minute boat ride from the town of Beruwala. Barberyn Island spanning around 8 acres is situated 0.8 km offshore from this city of Beruwala on the Southwest shore of Sri Lanka. Offering a little diversion from your mundane routine, this lighthouse is royal and archaic, with its architecture dating back to colonial times, creating wonderful scenery all around.

An Old Dutch hospital now converted into lavish bar and restaurant will give you wholesome meals and you can surely treat yourself to a long, peaceful walk while indulging in fascinating conversations with the locals.

Location: Barberyn Island, Beruwala 12070, Sri Lanka
Rating: 4.5

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2. Kande Viharaya


Kande Viharaya is situated in the district of Kalutara, about 16 km from Beruwala. The temple was founded in 1734 and derives its name from its venue on top of a hill. This is one of the best places to visit near Beruwala. Thousands of acolytes congregate to the temple every day, more so on the full moon days of Poya. The place has the key elements of every temple: Stupa, Bo Tree, Relic Chamber, Image House, Sri Vishnu MahaDevala and the four Maha Devalas, including Kataragama Devale.

The references from the Jataka Tales, the Ancient Bodhi Tree, Buddha’s life and above all, the greatest stories of Buddha and his life, his teachings, and principles, are all engraved and stored within the walls, paths, and statues. The entire essence of this place is authentic, ethnic, and shows the true colors of Buddhism, what it meant, and means to the Sri Lankans.

The place symbolically preaches the values of peace, morality, and brotherhood. The very fresh sapling taken from here and thereon planted in Bodhgaya that was Buddha’s tree, his version of worship just shows how deep its roots are here.

Location: Temple Road, Aluthgama 12080, Sri Lanka
Rating: 4.5

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3. Kechimalai Mosque


The historical site is centred on the first (Yemeni) Muslims to land in Sri Lanka and the tombs of two of these people are located just outside of the mosque with a third one inside the mosque due to the proclivity of the worshippers. This site can be classified as a “Darga “.

It’s an architectural splendor, standing tall and magnificent, it’s among the oldest and most valued mosques here. With an orphanage right next to it, the entire experience may turn out to be quite humbling. You might as well walk out a better, more compassionate, and enlightened person.

Location: Beruwala, Beruwala 12070, Sri Lanka
Rating: 4.5

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4. Masjid Ul Abrar


This mosque was built in 920 A.D by the Arab traders who came to Sri Lanka bythe sea in search of spices. The place is quite big and kept very tidy with a landscaped garden and a cemetery as a part of it. The surrounding areas still show the devastating effects of the tsunami and yet the people have carried on with hope and practice, a certain dedication to their religion and culture.

The mosque too is surprisingly beautiful. Besides that, the teachings of Islam stand out and open you up to a whole new world, one definitely worth exploring. The Masjid ul Abrar should be on your list, so add it to your itinerary without a second thought!

Location: 143/7 abdhulkadharaalimRoad,MaradanaRd,Beruwala,Sri Lanka
Rating: 4

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5. Kalutara Bodhiya

Kalutara Bodhiya

You must definitely add this to your list of places to visit in Bentota. Kalutara Bodhiya is a mesmerizing shrine located about 20 minutes away from Beruwala and serves as one of the most well-known holy shrines in Sri Lanka. It has one of the 32 saplings of the renowned Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodhiya in its premises, which lures in spiritual souls and pilgrims here from every part of the world. The entire shrine is decorated with beautiful and eye-catching paintings that make it one of the most iconic Buddhist temples here in Sri Lanka! You will be enveloped in an intense feeling of serenity, tranquility of nature, and the architectural splendor of this sanctum that is balanced with religious and historical significance to provide peace of mind and a sense of calm to the beholder. Visiting this marvelous shrine will surely be an experience of a lifetime!

Location: Galle Colombo Main Road, Kalutara 12000, Sri Lanka
Rating: 4.5

So, which of these incredible monuments in Bentota will you pen down in your itinerary for your holiday in Sri Lanka? You should actually visit all of them to educate yourself with the intriguing facts behind the history and culture of Sri Lanka and what shaped this beautiful country into the paradise that it is today. Take a vacation in Sri Lanka and lose yourself in the fascinating aura of these architectural marvels!

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10 केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल जहाँ आप पारंपरिकता से रुबरू होंगे!

केरल दक्षिण भारत में बसा वो राज्य है जो बीचों और बाँधों के लिए मशहूर है। विभिन्न प्रकार की चाय और कॉफी की चुस्कियाँ लेते-लेते आपका मन नहीं भरेगा। खड़े मसालों की सौंधी खुशबू आपको रसोई के नटखट और चटपटे-से स्वाद का स्मरण करवाएगा। केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल आपके इन सभी एहसासों को जीवंत कर देंगे।

अगर आप आनंदविभोर होकर इस सफर की शुरुआत करना चाहते है तो आइए केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल की सूची पर ध्यान एकत्रित करें:

1. अल्लेप्पी – पूर्व का वैनिस


यह केरल के टॉप पर्यटन स्थल में से एक है। पूर्व का वैनिस कहा जाने वाला ये स्थान केरल की सबसे आकर्षक जगह है। इसकी असीम सुंदरता, बैकवॉटर यात्रा हर साल यात्रियों को भारी मात्रा में आकर्षित करती है। नारियल के पेडो़ से होकर गुज़रती नौकाऐं आपको आनंद प्रदान करेंगी। यहाँ का सादगी से भरा जीवन आपको अपना बनाने की कोशिश करेगा। हाउस बोट में रहना आपको एक नया अनुभव देगा। आप यहाँ आकर केरल के पारंपरिक भोजन का स्वाद भी चख सकते हैं। यहाँ की बोट रेस भी यात्रियों के बीच बेहद लोकप्रिय है।

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2. मुन्नार – हनीमून गंतव्य


आपको इस केरल के पर्यटन स्थल अवश्य जाना चाहिए। मुन्नार दर्शनीय स्थल केरल का पहाड़ी इलाक़ा है। बादलों को स्पर्श करते ऊँचे-ऊँचे पहाड़ आपको ऐसा एहसास कराऐंगे कि, आपके हाथ उठाते ही आप बादलों को अपनी मुट्ठी में समेट लेंगे। शादीशुदा जोड़ों के लिए ये बेहद खूबसूरत गंतव्य माना जाता है। आरामदायक और लुभावने रैज़ॉर्ट आपकी यात्रा को बेहद सुगम बनाऐंगे। ये पहाड़ का डिज़ाइन मुख्यतः चाय के उत्पादन के लिए किया गया है। चाय की सौंधी खुशबू आप अंतःकरण में लीन हो जाएगी।

3. वायनाड – साधा जीवन व संस्कृति


केरल के पर्यटन स्थल में शामिल ये स्थान केरल की सबसे ज़्यादा हरियाली युक्त जगह है। प्रकृति और मानव-निर्मित साधनों का ये बहुत उम्दा मिश्रण है। यहाँ की खास बात है केरल की सरल व साधारण संस्कृति और रीति-रिवाज़ जो आपको ग्रहण करने में ज़रा भी कठिनाई नहीं होगी। मलयालम में वायनाड का अर्थ होता है- धान के खेतों की भूमि। आप इस प्रदूषणरहित वातावरण में चैन की साँस ले सकेंगे वरना आज के समय में तो हर जगह प्रदूषण ग्रस्त है। यह सबसे मशहूर केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल में से है।

4. थेक्कड़ी – वन्यजीवों का स्थान

Thekkady In December cover

यह पर्वतीय स्थल इडुक्की जिले में स्थित है। यह स्थान पेरियर वन्यजीव अभ्यारण के लिए लोगों के बीच ज्यादा लोकप्रिय है। यह बहुत-से विलुप्त जानवरों और 200 से भी अधिक पक्षियों का निवास स्थान है।मुख्यतः यह हाथियों का स्थल है पर अन्य जीव भी आपको यहाँ देखने मिलेंगे जैसे-बाघ, जंगली बिल्ली, सांभर, नीलगिरी लंगूर, गौर आदि। यदि आप घने जंगल के बीच से होती हुई नदी से गुज़रना चाहते है तो आप अपनी ये इच्छा पूर्ण कर सकते हैं क्योंकि यहाँ नौकाओं की भी व्यवस्था है।यह सबसे मशहूर केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल में से है।

5.श्री पद्मनाभास्वामी मंदिर – धार्मिकता की गूँज


केरल के धार्मिक स्थल में यह मंदिर अपनी अलग पकड़ बनाए बैठा है। भगवान विष्णु के इस मंदिर को बड़ी ही कलाकारी से बनाया गया है। जीवंत हो उठने वाली मूर्तियां व उत्तम श्रेणी की वास्तुकला मंदिर के हर एक कोने को जागृत कर देती है। यह देश का सबसे प्राचीन विष्णु मंदिर है। यहाँ सबसे ज़्यादा भक्त नवंबर,दिसंबर,मार्च व अप्रैल के अंतर्गत कुछ विशेष त्योहारों पर आते हैं। धार्मिक होने के बहाने ही आप इस लुभा देने वाली जगह आ सकते हैं। यह सबसे मशहूर केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल में से है।

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6. कोच्चि – अरब सागर की रानी


कोच्चि दर्शनीय स्थल को “अरब सागर की रानी” भी कहा जाता है। यह केरल का वित्तिय,व्यावसायिक व औद्योगिक केंद्र है। इस शहर में कुछ आर्ट गैलरी है जो, आपको कला के प्रति प्रोत्साहित करेंगी। देर रात तक आनंद प्राप्ति के लिए पब और जी तोड़ खरीदारी के लिए शॉपिंग आपको यहाँ आसानी से मिल जाएंगे। आपकी यात्रा बेहद रंगीन हो जाएगी।सुंदर प्राकृतिक नज़ारों के लिए आप बीच का रुख भी कर सकते हैं।अपनी मन की शांति के लिए मंदिरों की शरण भी ली जा सकती है।

7.कोवलम – ग्रामीण जीवन व बीच का संगम


अरब सागर के तटीय इलाकों पर बसा यह गाँव इसके पास मौजूदा तीन बीचों के लिए प्रख्यात है। ये तीन बीच हैं- लाईटहाऊस बीच, समुद्र बीच व हवाह बीच जो इसके सौंदर्य को चौगुना करते हैं। ये पूरा इलाक़ा लंबे-लंबे नारियल के पेड़ों से घिरा हुआ है इसलिए आपको यहाँ ताज़ा नारियल चखने को मिलेंगे। योगा, ध्यान लगाना यहाँ के माहौल को और अधिक शांतिपूर्ण हबनाता है। यह विभिन्न प्रकार की वस्तुओं की खरीदारी का गंतव्य स्थान भी है जैसै- पारंपरिक मसालें, लकड़ी की मूर्तियां, हस्तशिल्प।

8. पूवर – सौंदर्यपूर्ण द्वीप


यह एक शोभायमान द्वीप है जो थिरुवनंनथपुरम से 27 किमी की दूरी पर स्थित है। दूर-दूर तक फैला रेत आनंदमयी वातावरण और मचलती हवा का संगम मदहोश कर देने वाला है। एक ऐसा स्थान जहाँ अरब सागर, नेय्यर नदी और भूमि आपस में मिलती है, यकीनन यह देखने लायक जगह है। खासकर उन लोगों के लिए जो प्रकृति और शांति प्रेमी हैं। अज्ञात बीच व केरल के बैकवाटर इस जगह को देखने लायक बनाते हैं। भारी मात्रा में आपको का यहाँ सुकून की प्राप्ति होगी और आप यहाँ बार-बार आना चाहेंगे।

9. थ्रिस्सुर – शास्त्रीय कला व संस्कृति का केंद्र


केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल का गमन करने आए और थ्रिस्सुर ना घूमे तो आपकी यात्रा अधूरी ही मानी जाएगी। अगर आप केरल की शास्त्रीय कला और संस्कृति को अपने ज़हन तक उतारना चाहते है तो, ये स्थान आपके ही इंतज़ार में बैठा है। स्थानीय भाषा में मंत्रों का उच्चारण आपको केरल की संस्कृति से जोड़ेगा। कुछ अन्य जगह जिनका आप यहाँ आकर विचरण कर सकते हैं वह है- वदक्कुम्नंथन क्षेत्रम् मंदिर, शक्थन थंपुरम का मकबरा, अथिरापल्ली फॉल आदि।

10.नेल्लीयमपैथी – प्राकृतिक वातावरण


केरल व तमिलनाडु की सरहद पर बसी यह जगह आपको किसी स्वप्न की भाँति लगेगी। हवाओं को चीरती हुई भीनी-सी खुशबू जो आपके नाक से होते हुए ज़हन में जा बसेगी वो खुशबू है- कॉफी की। आसपास का इलाक़ा हरियाली से परिपूर्ण है जहाँ चाय, कॉफी व इलाईची की खेती की जाती है। एक बढ़िया अवकाश को बिताने के लिए यहाँ आया जा सकता है जहाँ आप ऊँचे पहाड़ों पर मदहोश वातावरण के गवाह बन सकेंगे।

केरल के दर्शनीय स्थल आपको भरपूर शांति व प्रेम देंगे। यहाँ की परंपरा और रीति-रिवाज़ों को आप बिना किसी हिचकिचाहट के अपना पाएंगे क्योंकि इसमें कट्टरपंथी नहीं है। लहलहाते पेड़-पौधों के बीच आप खुशनुमा महसूस करेंगे। पारंपरिक चाय और कॉफी की चुस्कियाँ आपकी ज़ुबान पर यहीं का स्वाद बैठा देंगी और आप मन में नई चाह लिए हर बार यहीं आना चाहेंगे। आपकी उदासीनता पल भर में छूमंतर हो जाएगी। अपनी केरल यात्रा के लिए ट्रैवल ट्राऐंगल से बुकिंग कीजिए।

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4 Stunning Monuments In Colombo, Sri Lanka You Must Visit In 2019

The capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo, is amongst the most famous towns and industrial centers in Sri Lanka that has a long history as an important port serving the ancient east-west trade routes. Born out of Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences owing to the colonial rule here long ago, this city has now turned into a posh and modern hub with sky-high buildings, leisure facilities, high-end restaurants, hotels and resorts, entertainment options, and an amazing nightlife. However, even amidst the urban chaos and modernization, it has managed to retain its charm as an essential part of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage by means of the number of monuments in Colombo that still stand intact here! In fact, this very heritage is greatly reflected in the architecture of this city, where you’ll see ancient structures and shrines blending in the same location as the unconventional colonial buildings and high-rise shopping malls.

The city has a rather imposing set of monuments that make heads turn and draw tourists here no matter what brought them into the city in the first place. Some of the most notable and visit-worthy monuments standing in this city in strategic and beautiful locations include the Colombo Fort, Colombo City Hall, Independence Square, and Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya. We have provided some information about all of these right here so that you can plan your trip to these points in Sri Lanka accordingly.

Do not miss out on the experience of exploring and marveling at these beautiful monuments located in the capital city of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Each of these are unique in their own ways and will offer you an in-depth knowledge into the interesting history of this island nation.

1. Colombo Fort


The Colombo Fort is basically the central business district of Colombo in Sri Lanka that boasts of some stunning British style structures and new neighbourhoods. As history goes, Colombo Fort once served as the city’s main fort and also a walled city with administrative and military buildings, cinnamon storehouses and gardens, mills, residential buildings and more. The street is bustling with noisy vendors selling traditional items and witnesses a lot of tourist interest owing to its history and vicinity to the beautiful ocean. Some unique time-worn cafés and restaurants here offer delicious local delicacies and will transfer you to the Dutch era.

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2. Explore Old City Hall


Built in 1865 on Main Street, this architectural marvel is a British era municipal building. This vintage building is a major attraction amongst the history lovers as they can sense the historical traces of 1800s culture of Colombo city. The neoclassical architectural style of the Old City Hall is a sight to behold.

The tourists can witness the age-worn trucks, vintage radio, age old typewriters and other municipal equipment by visiting the museum situated at the ground floor of this historical landmark. While cherishing the beauty of the artefacts treasured in this building, don’t forget to admire the architectural structures adorned with some fine wax figures.

Visiting the architectural building in May can be a great experience for history buffs as they’ll be able to explore and cherish the long history in extreme peace and solace.

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3. Independence Square, Colombo


This is a landmark sight in a city known for its natural beauty, cleanliness and historical significance. The lush green surroundings offer quality relaxation to the tourists. You will see hundreds of locals jogging, cycling and exercising in the morning hours. It is an apt place to spend a few hours in the evening refreshing, enjoying some street food and shopping at the small shops in the area. The place is well maintained and thus makes an ideal picnic spot within the city.

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4. Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya

Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya, Colombo

This holy shrine located in Boralesgamuwa is a stunning marvel amidst this exotic land full of temples. Famous for its bewitching environs, the magnificent temple of Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya is among the most highly regarded monuments in Colombo other than being one of the most sacred places to visit in Sri Lanka that teaches you a lot about its rich history, heritage, and culture. It is the home of the notable and immensely sacred Bodhi-tree which is believed to have been there since 3rd century B.C.E. and acts as an important part of the 32 saplings that grew out of the holy Bodhi-tree located in Anuradhapura. This massive and beautiful temple is frequented by thousands of travelers from around the world owing to its unending charm and splendid architecture.

Location: Dehiwala Road, Boralesgamuwa, Colombo
Timings: Open on all days of the week
Entry fee: Nil

So, which of these fabulous monuments in Colombo will you put down in your itinerary for your Sri Lanka vacation? We would suggest you visit all of them to get to know intriguing facts about the history and culture of Sri Lanka and what shaped it into the paradise that it is today. Take a trip to Sri Lanka and explore the hidden natural as well as architectural marvels of this island nation with your loved ones at once!

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Rome In Winter: 10 Reasons To Visit The Ancient City When The Temperatures Drop

Rome in winter is no less to be called unworthy for a trip. Truth be told, some would state that the little crowds and lower costs make it the best time to visit the place. Maybe Rome isn’t the main European city that rings a bell when somebody refers to telltale Christmas destination. But, believe us, the Italian capital can be highly compensating to visit amid the chilly months. Continue reading our blog post to discover why we claim so, especially if you are thinking about a tour to Rome in winter.

Rome in winter may simply be the perfect vacation goal. Between the plenitude of cultural sights, dynamic bistro lounge scene, and gentle atmosphere that offers you a joyful tour. Here are the top 10 reasons why it is worth spending your winter holidays in Rome.

1.Weather: To appreciate the winter sunshine


Rome during the wintertime is a whole new adventure that you ought to not to miss anyhow. This city is well-known for some stunning and strong winter sunlight, as the sun rests low within the horizon and shines splendidly, with warm rays brightening Rome’s cobbled streets. It does seldom snow in Rome. But yet the temperature is more reasonable to feel comfortable i.e. above freezing point. Average temperatures are around 12.9°C (55.2°F) amid the daytime in the winter, dropping to 2.6°C (36.7°F) overnight. Nonetheless, that likewise implies that you can get some beautiful highs of 16-22°C when the sun is sparkling which implies you’ll be throwing off your coats at the late morning time.

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2. Shopping: To explore & purchase


There is a wealth of museums, courts and square to explore in Rome, a large number of which you’ll likely discover when endeavoring to explore something unique. So, if you like vintage clothing, Rome has many treasure vintage shops, so head on and have a rummage! Indeed, the excellence of Rome is that – regardless of how lost you get on its streets, you’ll not get exhausted. The bewildering bistros, palatial architecture, and enticing shops will keep you engaged even though you are clueless about where you are. Also, walk through the art loaded halls of Palazzo Braschi and Palazzo Barberini to view the classical contributions to the artistic literature. This is what to give special regard to Rome as you get to wander around as you want.

3. Ice Skating: Enjoy some winter sports

Ice Skating

There are many temporary decorated Christmas lights rinks to pick from in Rome, which are open from November till February. And, yes, there are four to five spots in Rome in winter where you can skate outside in the shadow of the grand building and the best one is just beneath the Castel Sant’Angelo. Walk around in the Trastevere or have dinner, then get your skates on and enjoy skating until midnight!

4. Art: To discover street art


The Eternal City has lots of neighborhoods, all with their own distinguished identities, that implies you have got countless places to discover. While most tourists adhere to the historic center during their tour in Rome, it’s deserving to voyage out to the city’s further-flung neighborhoods for a breathtaking view of this modern-day capital. Neighborhoods such as Pigneto, Ostiense, and Quadraro are a more modern quarter with the local Roman air and picturesque street art that will stimulate the interest of any graffiti lover. Discover street art by Blu and JBRock in the core of Ostiense before traveling over to Pigneto to know about the legacy of filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini’s and take a bite by eating at his favorite bistro. Don’t forget to get clicked around those funky wall arts!

5. Festivals: To take part in celebrations


Christmas is a quite major ordeal in Rome. But celebrations in Rome doesn’t end with December 25th it goes much beyond. Well, on New Year’s Eve, shows are organized all through the city and firecrackers light the sky over the Colosseum offering a wonderful outing. Right from the new year, the festivals begin again for the Epiphany on 6th January, when La Befana delivers gifts to youngsters. Afterward, in late January and February, you’ll see kids all dressed in quirky costumes taking over the road. Piazzas go up against a semi-permanent layer of confetti as casual social occasions rejoice Carnevale. It comes full circle in the acrobatic and parade show in Piazza del Popolo.

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6. Food: To taste Roman winter food


In winter, Italians love to keep their stomachs warm with roast chestnuts, pasta carbonara, and minestrone soup. Also, vendors can be seen selling arrostocalde by the Spanish Steps, close to Piazza Navona, outside the Orange Garden, and on a significant number of the corners in the market. Further, February marks the city readies for Carnevale, with special sweet treats like Castagnole that are fried dough balls typically stuffed with cream custard as well as frappe hogging in the cake shops. It’ll be a foodie’s delight!

7. Views: To enjoy exclusive access


Rather than battling for the excellent views of and inside the ruin, you get to enjoy them from every sphere! Especially, because in this season Rome will be less crowded, offering the perfect chance to view the Colosseum at the best. From interior and exterior, the Colosseum in a winter time is rejuvenating and relaxing. You get the best opportunity of viewing Colosseum flawlessly, which is a priority for tourists in Rome.

8. Vatican City: For some alone time with the almighty

Vatican City

The Vatican is headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, which is a separate location within the city of Rome. It’s likewise home to a few of the most popular historical sites in Rome, like the St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel. You can really enjoy the Sistine Chapel without the swarms of tourists and you can also get to sit down on one of the benches lining the walls within the Sistine Chapel. Something you won’t, in fact, get to see in the peak season when you’re in a crowd of other visitors. Must watch things in Chapel include displays of Egyptian mummies, bronze busts, classical statues, and yes, the Michelangelo-painted Sistine Chapel. Also, Basilica of St. Peter, which is an Italian Renaissance church is decorated with the sort of splendor you will ultimately become numb to watch. If you’re really interested in art and religious history, buy a ticket to the Vatican museum too.

9. Excursion: To go on a day out at the lake


Catch a train at the at Ostiense station and within 30 min you’ll reach the town of Bracciano on Lake Bracciano, a lovely destination in the cooler climate for a walk or even to indulge for the lakeside lunch. Visit the Castle of Bracciano called Castello Orsini-Odescalchi to look into a properly preserved medieval fortress and historical center with stunning perspectives. As one of the biggest and best-kept up palaces in Italy, this place has facilitated a few prominent weddings like the ones of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. In case that you have rented a car, drive around the lake to see any of the other lakeside towns like Trevignano Romano or Anguillara Sabazia. Trevignano, specifically, will offer you a lot of dazzling lakeside restaurants, a large number of which serve typical fish from the lake (generally carp) in an assortment of awesome ways and tastes.

10. Rides: To explore Rome on a Vespa


Last but not least… After all who can overlook the exemplary scenes of Roman holiday flashing through the city on a vintage Vespa? On a sunny winter time, it’s an ideal trick to bounce on a Vespa and roam and enjoy around as you like. The Eternal City is perfect for bike touring and there’s nothing more fun than absorbing some history and winter sun from the back of a Vespa enjoying your personal ride. You haven’t encountered the genuine soul of Rome until you’ve taken a ride on a Vespa so make sure to add this uncommon adventure to your to-do list in Rome!

As should be obvious, Rome in wintertime can be similarly as enticing and glorious as some other European metropolis. Besides, in the event that you despise 30°C + temperatures and crowds of sightseers at all the places, odds are you’ll discover Rome considerably all the more enchanting in the non-peak season. So, plan a trip to Rome, get set go and say Buona sera Rome!

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Discover Some Fine Art At The Museums in Batuan Bali On Your Vacation

Bali has a rich cultural history and its influence from the Chinese and Dutch culture gives it a natural human quality to use some elements from the different cultures and mix them up to create something unique which we know today as the Balinese Culture. This mix of culture makes Balinese a very artistic tribe and has produced some of the most popular paintings and artworks till date. Batuan village, a famous tourist destination of Bali is just 7km north of Denpasar and about 10km from south of Ubud is a popular center of art and is renowned for it’s dancing, wood panel carving, and paintings and museums in Batuan Bali. Batuan is a traditional hub of musicians, dancers, carvers, and, Balinese painters who usually live close together in special villages. The artists mostly painted on paper through the canvas and also used the board.

For more than a thousand years, Bali artisans and craftsmen have worked under the priests and ruling classes, decorating temples and palaces. The Bali artists usually do not have much room for personal expressions and painters and illustrators were called ‘Snagging’. The Snagging were expected to decorate everything from the wooden altars, bamboo vessels, headboards for princely bedchambers to gourds. The Batuan paintings are usually dark, and crowded representations of either legendary scenes or themes of daily life, freakish animal monsters, and witches accosted people. Bali is already blessed with heavenly natural beauty and its fine art and architecture give it a beautiful touch and a place that could make anyone fall in love with it.

Bali is a rich source of marvelous art and architecture and Batuan Village is one such place that is known to create some of the most famous artists of current times. Museums in Batuan Bali is one of the most interesting places to visit in Batuan which displays its huge collection of creative and distinct varieties of art.

Blanco Renaissance Museum


Set on top of the valley of Campuhan, this is a must-visit for all art lovers that end up in Bali. The place used to be the residence and studio of the well-known Filipino artist Don Antonio Blanco who lived and painted the beautiful Bali islands after emigrating here in 1952. The artwork is a great way to see the gorgeous sights of Bali through the eyes of a wonderfully talented artist. The place has a gift shop, a lush garden space and a great cafe where you can spend a relaxing day with companions.

Location: Ubud
Entry fees: INR 236
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
Best Known: Artwork

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Agung Rai Museum Of Art


Not exactly hot on the tourist map of Bali, the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) is more than just an art gallery. If you are forced indoors because of the rains in Bali in October, ARMA can be a pleasantly surprising experience. The exquisite taste of the local culture and the love for Bali is quite apparent in Agung Rais collection of historical items. Spread over more than 5 hectares, ARMA is also the venue for loads of cultural performances, and there is a boutique hotel here and also a botanical garden.

Location: Gianyar
Entry Fees: INR 283
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM
Best Known: Agung Rais collection of historical items

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Bali Provincial Public State Museum


If you are wondering what to do in Denpasar city- Slip on your walking shoes and set out to the museum. Also, known as the Negeri Propinsi, this museum is a great place to cover a few hours if you are traveling with young kids. The museum gives a great insight into Bali – its history, culture, and varied traditions. Bali Provincial Public State Museum is located in the heart of the provincial capital. This is one of the islands main museums and also one of the oldest landmarks in the city. It houses over 10,000 rare exhibits. The museum itself is complete with stone carvings and a sight to behold. Adjoining the museum, visitors can stroll through tropical gardens strewn with several statues that represent the rich heritage and culture of the island.

Location: Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Bali 80232, Indonesia
Timings: 8.00 am to 3 pm Fridays: 8 am to 3.30 pm
Entry Fee: IDR 20,000 for adults; IDR 10,000 for children

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

Puri Lukisan Museum


Care to find a perfect combination of history, art and Balinese culture in Ubud- Well, Puri Lukisan Museum is just the place for you. Taking some time off from the bustling Ubuds crowd and happening pubs all around, this museum also serves as a serene place to spend some time in nature. Set in the lush green gardens, this museums offers peace, quiet, knowledge and a sneak into the Balinese culture.
Location: Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Timings: 9AM to 6PM

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Bali is home to a number of tourist attractions no matter if you are interested in Bali culture, museum visits, tours, activities, night-life, sightseeing, food, Balinese Artwork/handicrafts shopping, or just wish to find one of the most beautiful spots to feel relaxed, and enjoy your vacation. If are planning to visit Bali then there is no better time then now. Hop on a plane to Bali and explore the picturesque beaches, beautiful temples and its amazing collections of artwork at the museums in Batuan Bali and have an amazing vacation this year!

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9 Alluring Things To Do In Nuwara Eliya, The Heart Of Sri Lanka In 2019!

Once ruled by Britishers, Nuwara Eliya is renowned as ‘The Heart of the British Ceylon’. Set in the heart of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya still reflects the influence of British rule. The red telephone boxes, rose gardens, colonial bungalows and the tea plantations adds up to the British city vibe of it. Famed as the City of Light’, Nuwara Eliya should definitely be a must to explore city in every person’s bucket list. A things to do in Nuwara Eliya guide will surely help you in your electrifying trip to the Little England.

Can’t wait anymore to explore the stunning Little England? Here is the list of the best things to do in Nuwara Eliya. Take a quick look !

  • Pedro Tea Estate
  • Victoria Park
  • The Gregory Lake
  • Horton Plain National Park
  • Kandy To Nuwara Eliya
  • Bale Bazar
  • St. Clair’s Fall
  • Nuwara Eliya Post Office
  • The Grand Hotel

1. Pedro Tea Estate: The Tea Tasting Ritual

Pedro Tea Estate

Tea is the elixir of life. Do you relate to this world-famous quote by Lao Tzu- Undeniably many of us will relate to it as tea lovers are spread all over the world and nothing can be better than relishing the aromas of pure Ceylon tea. There are many tea estates in Nuwara Eliya and visiting the well-known Pedro Tea Estate is one of the topmost in the things to do in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka guide. Pedro Tea Estate offers its guests to roam around the lush green tea plantations and even to learn the intricacies of tea processing. So, make space in your Nuwara Eliya activities list for the tea tasting ritual of the City of Lights.

Location: Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Entry Fee: INR 200
Timings: 8 AM to 4 PM

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2. Victoria Park: Capture The Indian Blue Robin

Indian Blue Robin

Confused about what to do in Nuwara Eliya Take out your binoculars and indulge in some bird watching and capture the Indian Blue Robin, the Kashmir Flycatcher and Pied Thrush on your camera at Victoria Park. One can stroll around the park and witness attractive species of birds in the park as well as at the Galways Land Bird Sanctuary located few kilometres ahead Victoria Park.

Location: A5, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Entry Fee: INR 300
Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM

3. The Gregory Lake

Lake Gregory

Looking for fun things to do in Nuwara Eliya- Go for fishing at Gregory Lake to add the fun element in your trip. Not only its popular among travelers for fishing but you can also hire a rowing boat, Swan paddle boat or a water scooter to explore the scenic lake.

Location: Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Entry Fee: INR 250
Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

4. Horton Plain National Park: Explore On Foot

Wild animal

Get ready to receive a delightful answer to the question what is there to do in Nuwara Eliya- Nuwara Eliya has a lot to offer to your restless feet. One can go for hiking from the Horton Plain National Park to the bewitching Ela town passing through the marvellous Bambarakanda Waterfall. You can absorb the beauty of Nuwara Eliya through the thick forest, pristine waterfall and fascinating rocky landscape by going on this adventurous trek.

Location: Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

5. Kandy To Nuwara Eliya: Travel By Train

Beautiful Green Place

Another spectacular experience to add in your best things to do in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka guide is going on a train journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. One can witness all scenic pleasures like hills and stunning tea plantations at once by going through the tunnels on this thrilling train journey. Do take the best four hours ride of your life to the City of Lights.

6. Bale Bazar: Get Ready For Winter Shopping!

Bale Bazar Items

Lets talk about the things to buy in Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya is famous for its winter market also known as the Bale Bazar which is popular among the locals as it offers a huge variety of winter clothes. Visit the market if you feel like wearing a cosy sweatshirt and exploring the city.

Location: Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka

7. St. Clairs Fall: Bask In The Scenic Beauty Of Waterfalls

St. Clairs Fall

Whether it is the Lovers Leap waterfall or the St. Clairs Fall, one of thebest things to do in Nuwara Eliya guide will always include enjoying the spluttering waterfalls. Either you can hike up to the waterfalls or stroll through the forests and reach them. Other must visit waterfalls are Devon falls, Bomburu Ella Waterfall and Kolpathana Falls.

Location: Hawa Eliya, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka

8. Nuwara Eliya Post Office: Stroll Around The City Of Lights

Nuwara post office

One of the most amusing things to do in Nuwara Eliya is to take a walk around the cty and visit the colonial style Post Office. Built in 1894, Nuwara Eliya Post Office is one of the antique buildings in the city and is a must visit place for lovers of antiques. You can also see many red telephone boxes around the city which enhances the British city vibe of it. You can also relish delicious strawberries by visiting the farms located in the city.

Location: Queen Elizabeth Dr, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM
Other Places To Visit: The Golf Club, Adma Agro Farm, Ambewela Farm, Hill Club

9. The Grand Hotel


At the end of your day, you can visit or stay at The Grand Hotel where you can savour the delectable High tea. Another must in your things do in Nuwara Eliya guide, this place offers opulent rooms and also conducts activities like sunrise safari, bonfire and trekking. Do enjoy the grand hospitality of the stunning hotel and dont forget to sip the Ceylon tea.

Location: No. 05 Grand Hotel Road Nuwara Eliya, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka
Price: INR 13,750

Already obsessing about this fascinating city in Nuwara Eliya? Get up and Book your next trip to Sri Lanka with TravelTriangle and get a tailor-made package today to enjoy the incredible lush-greenery and nature’s paradise!

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3 Spectacular Restaurants Near Dream Beach Bali For Foodies!

Bali is considered as the best destination for beach holidays because it is home to some of the best beaches in the world like Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach and Seminyak beach. It also features 9 exotic Balinese Hindu temples, famous art markets, clubs and lively nightlife. That’s not all, Bali also has one of the best cuisines in the world- the Balinese Food which is loved by people all around the world. Dream Beach is a famous beach located in Lembongan, it is famous for beach view hotels and villas, and authentic food! There are a lot of restaurants near Dream Beach Bali which are renowned for providing good food and a fine-dining experience. To assist you, here’s a list of the most popular restaurants near Dream Beach Bali!

If you are craving some freshly prepared food, these restaurants near Dream Beach Bali are there to satisfy your cravings and fill your stomach too! Have a look at the list of these restaurants!

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1. Try Some Lip-smacking Dishes At Massimo



Massimo, the famous Sanur beach Italian restaurant, is one of the must-visit destinations for food lover tourists. This Italian restaurant is very famous because it has an ice cream parlour at the front of the building’s gate instead of being inside the restaurant. This ice cream shop offers different types of delicious gelato. Those gelatos are made in-house by them.

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2. Papa Tarros Bar and Resto

delicious food

Papa Tarros Bar and Resto is a restaurant located very close to Dream Beach, it offers Indonesian, Asian and Thai food. Cocktails are available here and there’s a special discount during the happy hours which are from 4 PM to 7 PM. The cherry on the top is that it sells great quality food at pocket-friendly prices!

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. The Cozy Grill

Fast Food Restaurant

The Cozy Grill is a family restaurant which is also the Rhode Island’s favourite since 1981. All the food items are prepared using home-style techniques which give you a homely feeling! The best dishes served here are Fruit Parfait, Homemade Oatmeal, Assorted Muffins and Coffee Buns.

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Excited to try these restaurants? These restaurants are a must-try. Start packing your bags for your vacation to Bali with TravelTriangle and treat yourself with one of the best cuisines in the world. Apart from its food, Bali has a lot to do and explore. You should try adventurous activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and soul soothing activities like island walking, sunbathing and relaxing under the sun. Also, make sure you have added places like Ubud, Kuta, Sanur, Badung Regency and Denpasar in your itinerary. Now that you know these amazing places to visit and things to do, don’t hold back. Plan your trip to this beautiful island now!

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